Extra Game Options (EGO) Collection 2.0

Released a minor update that resolves a bug related to the Forced Sell option.

When random Discord discussions become mod ideas.

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Easily my favorite example of a custom critical image; courtesy of Turrible666.


That’s amazing. Where can I find more like these?

Some people on Carl’s Discord server are creating images.

Thanks to Suneed and his Kip-Up (https://twitter.com/suneed705) I’ve started a new mod idea.

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Any plans for the Better Referee Management mod to make it over, or is it not compatible?

Sure, I could move it over later.

New Update

This introduces a new feature, “Recovery Taunt Options”, which gives edits the ability to randomly perform a taunt when grounded. Requirements for the feature are outlined in the mod description.
Many thanks to @suneed and @DakotaK for giving me permission to use their taunts (Kip-up, Defiance, Sit-up) when creating this feature.
Follow the instructions for creation and feel free to make your own taunts!

Included Taunts - These should be added as Performance moves.

Video of included taunts


Added a new option to Recovery Taunts called “Rolling”. Players can use this to make edits execute a normal “Rolling Over” animation, instead of a custom taunt.

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Updated with a new option created by @Zin5ki (Dynamic Audience Cheer).
This makes the audience use different types of cheers instead of the default every time.
This is fully compatible with the ModPack’s Sound Replacement functionality and makes use of the following sounds:

  1. Oooh
  2. Souzen
  3. Odoroki_S
  4. Odoroki_M
  5. Odoroko_L
  6. Hoo
  7. Despair
  8. Moriaga_S
  9. Moriaga_M
  10. Moriaga_L

Big update this time.

  1. Added referee calls for 2.9/near falls.
  2. Added grunts when edits are locked into submission holds.
  3. Updated Forced Finisher Sell to allow taunts to keep opponents down after signature/finisher moves.
  4. Added Ukemi Notification, that plays crowd cheers when a wrestler’s Ukemi bonus triggers. Cheer criteria is as follows:
    case VenueEnum.YurakuenHall: case VenueEnum.SpikeDome: global::Audience.inst.Play_ClapHands(); break; case VenueEnum.SCSStadium: case VenueEnum.ArenaDeUniverso: global::Audience.inst.PlayCheerVoice(CheerVoiceEnum.ThisIsWrestling, 2); break; case VenueEnum.Cage: case VenueEnum.Dodecagon: case VenueEnum.BigGardenArena: case VenueEnum.BarbedWire: case VenueEnum.LandMine_BarbedWire: case VenueEnum.LandMine_FluorescentLamp: global::Audience.inst.PlayCheerVoice(CheerVoiceEnum.HolyShit, 2);
  5. Fixed major error with “Low Tag Recovery” mod, where edit recovery skills were not being reset after a match. Also, edits in a battle royal would have their recovery adjusted to low.
  6. Added the ability to generate a report that provides a list of edits with Low Recovery. This should help resolve any issues caused by older versions of the Low Tag Recovery mod. The file can be found in Fire Prowrestling World/EGOData.
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Added a link to all collected Recovery Taunts from various sources (Dakotak, Suneed, Prowithfire, etc).


Also, added an update to the mod download:

  1. Resolved an error with the Face Lock Override mod, where the slot used to execute the “Critical Damage” move wasn’t being refreshed properly. This could result in one of the big slots for a wrestler being replaced with the configured move.

  2. Resolved a minor issue with the Increased Downtime mod, where the referee would reset his outside count when a signature/finisher move was executed outside of the ring.

New features:

  1. Dangerous Headbutts - Grapple headbutts can cause the user to bleed.
  2. Referee Calls Downs - Referee will call for breaks when an opponent goes down for a knock out count.
  3. Stamina Affects Reversals - Attackers with lower stamina/breathing increase the chance that their defender will reverse a move.
  4. Minor bug fixes.
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Based on feedback, I have removed support for the Face Lock Override component of this mod. If anyone would like to continue using something similar, the ModPack has a component within Extended Move Lists that can be used as a replacement.

Do you got a Royal Rumble mod by any chance

No, I don’t have one and will not be creating one.

This mod is now feature-complete. I will attempt to keep it up to date with official game updates, but no new features will be added.

Bug fixes and improvements to existing features will still occur.