Extra Game Options (EGO) Collection 2.0


Did you grab the latest version?


Yes. I am sure it is something to do with my version of the game. It also is partially in Japanese and the game does not start unless I start with making an edit first. Really strange stuff. I will be gone for a few days but I can send you my game save Sunday if you have time to take a look.


Sure, if you can send your pwgr log file as well that would help.


I am an idiot, it is probably not your mod but maybe I have to update my mod from Carl. Either way I will send it to.


Yeah, I’m able to modify edits without any issues when using your save.
Carl is working on another release that should resolve some of the issues caused by the latest update; can you try with the ModPack uninstalled and see if that resolves your issues?


sure can thanks again


Planned updates later this month:

  1. Promoting the Injury Form from the 1.02 version.
  2. Adding a new function, Variable Face Lock & Test of Strength Moves to the collection.
  • Set irish whips and custom moves as Face Lock and Test of Strength enders for different stages of the match (Small, Medium, Large, Critical). This is an update to the existing “Variable Front Neck Lock” option.


New update has been uploaded.

  1. Extends the Variable Face Lock mod to allow players to set moves (basic moves, irish whips, custom moves) as replacements for Face Lock moves; includes sections for Small/Medium/Large/Critical damage.

If you use the Face Lock moves option in Carl’s ModPack’s Move List mod, you do not need this feature.

  1. Added a new function called Critical Resilience, which gives edits a chance to ignore knock outs caused by a Critical and keep fighting. They still receive the full damage for taking criticals on a specific part, with a slight restoration to spirit which ensures that the edit is able to continue fighting.
    The resilience rating depends on the edit’s part HP; an edit with a weak neck will be less likely to resist the effects of criticals aimed at the neck for example.


View, this forced finisher sell is awesome; it fixes what is, for me, one of the remaining glaring flaws in the engine. I’m consistently encountering one issue with it, however - whenever a wrestler tries to perform a diving signature or finisher with it active, they glitch out. Specifically:

With standard top rope moves, they start to jump, snap back to their regular stance, and become “out of phase”, so to speak, with the arena and the opponent - they’re able to walk around anywhere, and simply pass through/over/under the opponent or any part of the ring/arena they shouldn’t be able to pass through.

With springboard moves (towards the ring), they do the same - start to jump, then snap back to their standing animation, although in this case, they seem to proceed as normal from then on, interacting with the ring and opponent normally. Rebound moves seem to act the same way; they start their run-up animation, snap back to standing, and can proceed as normal. Similar for dives to the outside.

This is ONLY for flying sigs/finishers, “normal” flying moves seem to work perfectly fine.

What I wonder is, since flying moves already have a short “forced sell” of their own, if that could be part of the problem. In any event, this glitch happens for me with 100% regularity.

I did get it to generate an error log. Do you want me to just post the whole text here?

I do see that you posted an updated version VERY recently, like within the last couple hours - this is not that version, it’s the version prior, so if this is something you found and fixed between then and now, apologies. Any help would be greatly appreciated - this feature is a game-changer for certain guys.


Yes, please send a log file.


Released a minor update that resolves a bug related to the Forced Sell option.


When random Discord discussions become mod ideas.


Easily my favorite example of a custom critical image; courtesy of Turrible666.


That’s amazing. Where can I find more like these?


Some people on Carl’s Discord server are creating images.


Thanks to Suneed and his Kip-Up (https://twitter.com/suneed705) I’ve started a new mod idea.


Any plans for the Better Referee Management mod to make it over, or is it not compatible?


Sure, I could move it over later.


New Update

This introduces a new feature, “Recovery Taunt Options”, which gives edits the ability to randomly perform a taunt when grounded. Requirements for the feature are outlined in the mod description.
Many thanks to @suneed and @DakotaK for giving me permission to use their taunts (Kip-up, Defiance, Sit-up) when creating this feature.
Follow the instructions for creation and feel free to make your own taunts!

Included Taunts - These should be added as Performance moves.

Video of included taunts


Added a new option to Recovery Taunts called “Rolling”. Players can use this to make edits execute a normal “Rolling Over” animation, instead of a custom taunt.