Extra Game Options (EGO) Collection 2.0


This includes the collection of mods for Fire Pro Wrestling World (2.0+).

Current Features

  1. Wrestler Search Tool
  • Search for wrestlers by name or promotion, and open them in Edit Mode immediately.
  • Allows players to modify downloaded edits in Edit Mode.
  • Shows the current promotion and stable of any searched wrestler.
  1. Referee Behavior Override
  • Enables the referee to attempt proactive positioning for pin falls after signatures, finishers and potential match-ending moves.
  • Makes potential pin fall victories anywhere in the ring more likely.
  1. Forced Finisher Sell
  • Increases down-time after signatures and finishers are hit, allowing edits to follow-up more reliably with other attacks (pin falls, submissions, dives, etc).
  1. Low Tag Recovery
  • Forces all members in a multi-man match to use Low Recovery settings.
  1. Critical Resilience
  • Gives edits a chance to ignore knock outs caused by a Critical and keep fighting. They still receive the full damage for taking criticals on a specific part, with a slight restoration to spirit which ensures that the edit is able to continue fighting.
    The resilience rating depends on the edit’s part HP; an edit with a weak neck will be less likely to resist the effects of criticals aimed at the neck for example.
  1. Change Critical Image
  • Allows players to set custom images when criticals occur.
  • Images must be placed in the “Fire Prowrestling World\EGOData\Images” folder; create the folder if it does not exist.
  • Images must include either the Wrestler’s name, Ring name, or “Critical” in order to be used as a replacement.
  • Images must adhere to the dimension requirements (648x328), and be .png files.
  • Currently, this only works with default venues; custom venue skins will not show the image. This is a known bug, and is currently being investigated.
  1. Recovery Taunts
  • Gives edits the ability to randomly perform a taunt when grounded. Requirements for the feature are outlined in the mod description
  1. Dynamic Audience Cheer (by Zin5ki)
  • This makes the audience use different types of cheers instead of the default every time.
  • This is fully compatible with the ModPack’s Sound Replacement functionality.
  1. Referee Calls for Near Falls
  • Referee will announce a two count when near falls occur.
  1. Ukemi Notification
  • Plays crowd cheers when a wrestler’s Ukemi bonus triggers.

As always, back up your saves as a precaution before installing it.

Download Link


Installation instructions can be found here.

Link to all collected Recovery Taunts


Threw in a basic component that influences referee behavior; when big moves are performed late in the match, the referee will attempt to move into position for potential pinfall attempts.
This results in matches with a more proactive referee, who tries to get into position in order to start the fall count immediately (no matter where it occurs) instead of starting to move after the pinfall attempt has occurred. Should reduce cases of bottom corner pinfall attempts never ending the match.


Uploaded a new version, fixing a bug that some users may have experienced where the Wrestler Search window would not display.


In what directory should the .dll be placed, please?


Same as every other mod, Fire Pro Wrestling World\FireProWrestlingW_Data\Managed.


I’m going to update the collection with a “Forced Sell” option on the weekend. Basically, it will add an additional three seconds to an opponent’s down-time when a finisher connects; it will only apply to the first two finishers.

This is meant to resolve the issue where Running at Downed Opponent moves (Hogan’s Leg Drop) can never be followed up with a pin, due to the amount of time wasted running the ropes.


Update - Added an option (Forced Finisher Sell) that does the following:

  1. Increase edit’s down-time after a signature or finisher is executed. This applies until a finisher has been used twice in the match.

  2. Forces the referee to move into position for a potential pin-fall when a signature or finisher is executed.

This allows consistent pinfalls after running (downed) moves, finishing sequences that include linked signatures into a finisher and guaranteed down-time after any finisher attempt.

  1. Working on a new feature that modifies the Front Neck Lock moves based on an edit’s Fighting Style.
    Version 1 includes some hard-coded changes based on what makes sense according to Fighting Style; future versions will allow players to set moves themselves.


  1. Fixed an issue with the Forced Finisher Sell mod, where striking moves could trigger down time even on whiff.

The update can be found in the original location (see first post).


View, this looks amazing!! Great idea that makes the front neck lock actually useful. Would be great if it automatically tossed your opponent to the apron if you walk to the ropes.

Thanks for this.


Updated Wrestler Search to utilize Spike’s new method of storing ids.


For some reason my version of the game will only allow me to edit one wrestler then crashes. I have zero idea why this is happening.


Did you grab the latest version?


Yes. I am sure it is something to do with my version of the game. It also is partially in Japanese and the game does not start unless I start with making an edit first. Really strange stuff. I will be gone for a few days but I can send you my game save Sunday if you have time to take a look.


Sure, if you can send your pwgr log file as well that would help.


I am an idiot, it is probably not your mod but maybe I have to update my mod from Carl. Either way I will send it to.


Yeah, I’m able to modify edits without any issues when using your save.
Carl is working on another release that should resolve some of the issues caused by the latest update; can you try with the ModPack uninstalled and see if that resolves your issues?


sure can thanks again


Planned updates later this month:

  1. Promoting the Injury Form from the 1.02 version.
  2. Adding a new function, Variable Face Lock & Test of Strength Moves to the collection.
  • Set irish whips and custom moves as Face Lock and Test of Strength enders for different stages of the match (Small, Medium, Large, Critical). This is an update to the existing “Variable Front Neck Lock” option.


New update has been uploaded.

  1. Extends the Variable Face Lock mod to allow players to set moves (basic moves, irish whips, custom moves) as replacements for Face Lock moves; includes sections for Small/Medium/Large/Critical damage.

If you use the Face Lock moves option in Carl’s ModPack’s Move List mod, you do not need this feature.

  1. Added a new function called Critical Resilience, which gives edits a chance to ignore knock outs caused by a Critical and keep fighting. They still receive the full damage for taking criticals on a specific part, with a slight restoration to spirit which ensures that the edit is able to continue fighting.
    The resilience rating depends on the edit’s part HP; an edit with a weak neck will be less likely to resist the effects of criticals aimed at the neck for example.


View, this forced finisher sell is awesome; it fixes what is, for me, one of the remaining glaring flaws in the engine. I’m consistently encountering one issue with it, however - whenever a wrestler tries to perform a diving signature or finisher with it active, they glitch out. Specifically:

With standard top rope moves, they start to jump, snap back to their regular stance, and become “out of phase”, so to speak, with the arena and the opponent - they’re able to walk around anywhere, and simply pass through/over/under the opponent or any part of the ring/arena they shouldn’t be able to pass through.

With springboard moves (towards the ring), they do the same - start to jump, then snap back to their standing animation, although in this case, they seem to proceed as normal from then on, interacting with the ring and opponent normally. Rebound moves seem to act the same way; they start their run-up animation, snap back to standing, and can proceed as normal. Similar for dives to the outside.

This is ONLY for flying sigs/finishers, “normal” flying moves seem to work perfectly fine.

What I wonder is, since flying moves already have a short “forced sell” of their own, if that could be part of the problem. In any event, this glitch happens for me with 100% regularity.

I did get it to generate an error log. Do you want me to just post the whole text here?

I do see that you posted an updated version VERY recently, like within the last couple hours - this is not that version, it’s the version prior, so if this is something you found and fixed between then and now, apologies. Any help would be greatly appreciated - this feature is a game-changer for certain guys.