EoW Federation - Custom Arena Textures & Custom Parts


Hey everyone, thanks for viewing my collection of custom arenas and custom parts.

Special thanks to Carl, Avenger3, Omni, & JP. You guys have helped me on my learning curve.

Here is my workshop that contains all the ring textures for all the EoW Ring. For the Double or nothing arena I used AVENGER3 textures.


GOOGLE DRIVE - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1PF1WUniUC15USd5lq5YB7o4A-KjtP5uB?usp=sharing

Custom parts The custom parts listed below are from wrestlers in my WWE2K Community.
Travis Markson is my personal EDIT. He has shown in PRW & GFW - GUD as well as EoW Federation.

T-Mark Logo - Shield Emblem ™
AP3X - TMark - Trunks design. - 3 Headed Eagle on front, AP3X on the Back.
Tmark Kneepad - Shield ™ Logo for kneepads

Baine Skull -Baseball Bat and Skull Portrait Trunks Design
Baine Kneepad - Baseball Bat Skull design for Kneepads

Mayhem B - The name logo from the famous Black Metal band Mayhem.
Mayhem Skull - This logo is from Mayhem off of the Seasons of Mist label.

The Following belts are from Belt Performance Championship customs that I have used in EoW with modifications. EoW Elite World Championship, EoW Intercontinental.

EoW Internet Championship is a modified version of the - New European Championship Wrestling

The Following belts are personal custom belts made for EoW. I also want to note here we have a PS4 branch -PVP- and anyone should consider for PvP using this mod and record entrances separately with a replica edit & your own created belt to give your e-feds matches a more professional feel.

EoW FORGE - PS4 PvP Championship -
EoW G1
EoW Deathmatch

Here are all my custom Arenas.
Everything EoW is 100% original and related to our community.

AEW Double or Nothing Arena - Big Garden

EoW BATTLEGROUND 2019 - Big Garden

EoW Night of The Damned -Big Garden

EoW X1 SUMMIT “G1 ClimaX event” - SPIKE DOME

EoW FUSION Arena - Big Garden

EoW CONQUEST Arena - Big Garden & SCS

EoW RUSH - Big Garden & SCS

EoW RELOADED - Big Garden & SCS

EoW INVICTUS - Big Garden