EGO Mod for 2.0 (Wrestler Search, Proactive Referees, Forced Finisher Sell)


This includes the Wrestler Search component of the EGO Mod for version 2.0 of Fire Pro Wrestling World.
As always, back up your saves as a precaution before installing it.


Threw in a basic component that influences referee behavior; when big moves are performed late in the match, the referee will attempt to move into position for potential pinfall attempts.
This results in matches with a more proactive referee, who tries to get into position in order to start the fall count immediately (no matter where it occurs) instead of starting to move after the pinfall attempt has occurred. Should reduce cases of bottom corner pinfall attempts never ending the match.


Uploaded a new version, fixing a bug that some users may have experienced where the Wrestler Search window would not display.


In what directory should the .dll be placed, please?


Same as every other mod, Fire Pro Wrestling World\FireProWrestlingW_Data\Managed.


I’m going to update the collection with a “Forced Sell” option on the weekend. Basically, it will add an additional three seconds to an opponent’s down-time when a finisher connects; it will only apply to the first two finishers.

This is meant to resolve the issue where Running at Downed Opponent moves (Hogan’s Leg Drop) can never be followed up with a pin, due to the amount of time wasted running the ropes.


Update - Added an option (Forced Finisher Sell) that does the following:

  1. Increase edit’s down-time after a signature or finisher is executed. This applies until a finisher has been used twice in the match.

  2. Forces the referee to move into position for a potential pin-fall when a signature or finisher is executed.

This allows consistent pinfalls after running (downed) moves, finishing sequences that include linked signatures into a finisher and guaranteed down-time after any finisher attempt.

  1. Working on a new feature that modifies the Front Neck Lock moves based on an edit’s Fighting Style.
    Version 1 includes some hard-coded changes based on what makes sense according to Fighting Style; future versions will allow players to set moves themselves.


  1. Fixed an issue with the Forced Finisher Sell mod, where striking moves could trigger down time even on whiff.

The update can be found in the original location (see first post).


View, this looks amazing!! Great idea that makes the front neck lock actually useful. Would be great if it automatically tossed your opponent to the apron if you walk to the ropes.

Thanks for this.