Edit delete help please


Hey anyway i can delete workshop edits on 1.02 non steam version?Many thanks


Open the edit with the Extra game options mod and delete it. That’s as much help as I am willing to give regarding this.


You have to do them all individually again. There’s no longer an easy way to deal with mass deletion.


i knew i would have to delete individually but how do i go about it as i obviously cant just unsubscribe from the workshop niw.Thanks


You could never just unsubscribe. You always had to go into the game and delete it or use a mod to delete them. Unsubscribing would just stop you from getting updates if they are posted by the author. Go into edit mod and then the workshop


Alternatively, since 1.02 no longer updates from the workshop, create a “Garbage Bin” promotion and just move all your unwanted edits into it.


I’ll get around to creating a mass delete at some point.