Doublefang's Moves


I just fixed the D’Von part, I had the TM during the drop at 6 per frame but 16 on the one frame. Updated byte file has been uploaded to my google drive.


Looks perfect!


Thanks CTR.


While working on the Omega Event I figured out my issue with linking the Manhattan drop to the extreme leg drop.

Byte/move files uploaded - Extreme Leg Drop Combo


Beautiful work, love the Dudley Wazup move.



Thanks JP and thanks for your custom parts.


It is a beautiful combination!



Indeed, I think for my next move I’ll have to use your King of Bros’ stuff…


Can’t wait!



I finally had some free time this weekend. Brooo! Here is the King of Bros Combo, excuse my Riddle edit he was thrown together kind of quickly.


Absolutely mental!!!


You are really progressing and starting to come along as a move maker DF, love seeing the progress. Bro combo is pretty slick


Thanks. If it wasn’t for you having the Comps I don’t think I would have tried making moves. Now I am addicted to the challenge. @BozoSama


I have uploaded the move and byte file for the Bro Combo to my google drive, it is named KOBs Combo.
Note: In the video I had the pin set in priorities, personal preference was not to have it end in a pin every time.


Only good thing about having bruised rips, got caught up on some wrestling and worked on the Tanahashi/Okada finisher (Tombstone Clash).



Dope move.


Thanks, I made some timing adjustments last night and should have the updated one posted later tonight after family movie time is over.


Nice job.
I’ve enjoyed seeing you improve with every move and this one is definitely your best yet.


Thanks Dakota, means a lot coming from one of the move masters. I’m proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks.


Made some small adjustments to Tanahashi. Brought him closer to Okada before the tombstone and slowed him down while walking backwards. The byte file has also been uploaded, named Tombstone Clash U just remember to rename it to match the move file if you’re using both. Meant to post this last night but my old @$$ crashed and today was a busy day.