Doublefang's Moves


I’ve decided to join in on the move making fun even though I’m fairly new at it and still a little slow. I am going to mainly concentrate on tag team and entertainment moves. I currently have 5 moves about done, just need to polish a few things up before I share the byte files.

Updated: Link to my moves


First up I re-did my Moonwalk DDT. Merry Christmas!


Pendulum Stomp: I mainly created this for one of my original edits (I need to polish up a little). I used the curb stomp from the move pack along with my version of the pendulum into the turnbuckle that the Hurricane used on Tajiri.


Package Piledriver Stomp Combo: This is the first move I started with, this is also a lead up to my try at the Fenix and Pentagon Jr. spike. (need to work on the shadow)


Ghetto Stomp Cop Killa (need to work on shadow)


Really like that cop killa ghetto stomp


That stomp killer is great


Pendulum Corner Strike or what ever Hurricane Helms called it. (WIP)


Stuff is looking good!


Cleaned up the Ghetto Stomp Cop Killa, link to the bytes and move files below.


Not sure if these have been done yet but I did a Groin Guillotine Drop and a Extreme Leg Drop, link to byte file below.


Extreme Leg Drop linked to the Manhattan Drop (priority). I tried adding the two together but end up with a layering issue with the leg drop portion.


Looks nice but should they sell longer?


They do when hit later in a match, these were hit in under 3 minutes that’s why the defender pops up so quick. I adjusted the move setting super high like 70% to get the moves recorded sooner in CPU vs CPU match. I’ll double check the end frames to make sure they stay down longer.


Thanks Crippler for your input. It was a little of both, the groin guillotine was low so I adjusted it and re-uploaded it to my google drive. The Extreme leg drop was fine just happened to soon in the match due to settings for testing purposes.


Looking nice and smooth


Here’s a few moves I’ve been working on.
First up dueling eye pokes. (comedic move)


Next up Wassup! And Omega Event (think that’s the name) A little clean up left to do on both and adjustment on the body slam on the Wassup.


Always nice to see double team moves being made!


I was hoping to have these completed last Monday but unforeseen circumstances kept me from working on the Omega Event and Wassup moves. With out further ado here they are, link to bytes/move files are at top of page.
(Thanks to JP for his custom parts)
Side Note: Omega Event (Matt is P1) I may come back and do an alternate version
Wassup (Bubba P1)