DLC Edit parts export?


Thanks Carl for giving us a way to edit share without the workshop. Question for anyone… is there a way to export edit parts from the 2.0 save if we bought the DLC?


I think right now the option given is to turn them into custom parts and load them that way. This would I assume still mean you can’t port an edit with a new part over because the new edit part and the custom part while still the same aren’t actually the same.


Yes that’s what originally brought me to ask. But I would be ok with turning the items into custom parts and loading them. Is there a post that explains how to do this?


Custom edit parts and the DLC edit parts are actually the same. They will have the same IDs unless you choose to give them new ones.

You should be able to turn the DLC edit parts into custom parts and use edits created on 2.0+DLC that use those parts.


Is there an idiots’ guide to doing this anywhere?