Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


Love the Kairi sliding elbow. Along with the hanging arm bar those are on my list to do. I just hope they turn out as good as yours did.


Here’s another big one.
DIY’s Meet in the Middle


Do you get tired of hearing compliments?


So who wants to help me and kikrusher stage an Ocean’s 11 style heist to copy all of Dakota’s moves, rings, and asymmetrical Joshi edits? I bring nothing to the team, but it’s my idea. We need someone in Japan to do all the work.

Seriously, the Kairi elbow and Meet in the Middle are just GD mind-blowing. You’re doing moves even the devs probably didn’t imagine.


Haha, I always appreciate them.
Truthfully I don’t think I’ll ever reach a point where I’m confident enough in my work to take any sort of feedback for granted.

Also, here’s some simple new stuff.

First off, one of a few taunts I’ve created
the Strut

next up, two moves
a Fierce Headbutt and a basic C2C Running Knee Strike

and one more simple, heelish move
Kicks to the stomach


JARRETT STRUT! Is the double peace sign separate or part of the Strut taunt? If the taunt is by itself, it just officially became my most want moves. Double J, Flair, The Freebirds, Charlotte, and an army of Fargos are all really hoping you release that one.

The Glasgow Kiss headbutt looks brutal too. The stomach kicks remind me of WCW Jericho.

I also love the idea of more non finisher/special C2C moves. More simple stuff to fill movesets without having huge moves. Plain clotheslines, basic knees, Yakuza kick, flying wheel kick (which would also be great for Tyler Breeze or Savio Vega or even Viscera).


Finally got this to look the way I wanted it to.
Kairi’s Interceptor

Also reworked the Flair Strut


Holy woooooing crap!


Here’s an older move I never got around to preview here
Glam Slam

and the first new move in a week
Corner Big Boot


Here’s something a little special
Jericho’s Triangle Dropkick


Fucking magical.

As a challenge, since this is possible, what about Hiromu’s somersault powerbomb to the outside?

Is there anything you can’t create?!?


I’ll have to look that move up, but sounds interesting.


Worked on the Triangle Dropkick some more to make it look smoother



Seriously, I want to play your copy of the game. How many custom moves are you able to keep active at a time? Mine seems to top off in the 80s or so.


I haven’t added the latest batch of about 20 moves to my 2.0 version, but have been running it with about 200 moves without issues.
However I don’t use any custom edit parts and only a select few other mods.


Gotcha. I use a ton of custom parts and only a small number of mods.


Were you thinking of something like this?
Sunset Flip Powerbomb (to the outside)


Pretty much. Except Hiromu runs to the opposite side and hits the ropes then runs back.



I wish I was half as good as you at making moves. I’ve tried emulating some of your releases and I just can’t do it. :frowning:

On the plus side I am making new moves so its not all bad. Nice handspring moonsault. Kinda sad that the wind has been taken from my sails for the version I made I was submitting to the next collab pack when paired with the lionsault though.lol