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even more asymmetry


But where can I download these beautiful movements and install them correctly?


A bit higher up in the topic is a link to the Ura Shouten.
I haven’t publicly released anything else.
Edit: That’s not entirely correct. Just remembered that old (and looking at them now, still kind of sloppy) versions of some of my moves are part of the original move pack.


Do you plan to at some point? I spent today trying to understand Waza with absolutely no luck at all. I don’t know that I would need to learn if you released your stuff - you have a ton of what was on my list (Demolition Decapitation, Veg-o-Matic, Pin with feet on Ropes, Neck Snap, etc.)

Honestly, I’d stick to making custom parts but there’s nothing left I’m that interested in except faces. :slight_smile:


No. Sorry.

While I had a set of moves ready to go for around Christmas, recent interactions and crappy DMs reminded me of why I originally stopped releasing my content publicly several years ago.

But if you’re interested in waza, check out my Build-a-Move Workshop topic.
There’s one step by step DIY tutorial there so far and I’ll occasionally post more.
You can also always ask if you’re stuck or need help with waza on the Discord. Either in the waza channel or via DM.


That’s unfortunate. People always be fucking up a good thing. At least I can still come here and watch that picture perfect curb stomp you made.


How about if we throw in a Klondike Bar?


First move of the new year.


Two quick ones.
Snapmare Driver

Headlock Driver


And one big move. Was finally able to get this one done.
Tour of the Islands


Y’all got anymore of them Waza Makes?


Big Boots!
one standing

and one running


and one more move that I’ve tried to get to work the way I want it to for longer than I care to admit


gotta love that falling outside


I’ll just be over here crying over all the beautiful moves. That armbar. Jeezus, that’s amazing.


last one of today’s batch
Scorpion Cross Lock


another quick waza dose
Sliding Lariat

and since WK is today, Kushida’s Hip Toss -> Cartwheel -> Dropkick combo


Looks amazing as usual!


Here’s a Tokyo Joshi themed update

Rika’s Hip Attack

Yuka’s Magical Merry-Go-Round


One more, significant, update.
Probably my favorite move out of the 200+ I’ve created.
Kairi’s Corner Sliding Elbow with theatrics.
Uses all available frames, a lot of them are completely custom and my Kairi moveset is hereby finished.