Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


Man, Dakota, leave some moves for the rest of us! Great stuff, as always.


Great stuff! Sucks the feet on the ropes is in clear view of the ref, but that’s probably just the angles of the game.


Some more Tag Team action.
Demolition Decapitation


Oh man. I really need this for my Femolition edits. Looks amazing.


Alright, this next one was one of the biggest challenges yet.
Death Sentence/Veg-o-matic


Pretty much completely reworked the Decapitation


Two more quick moves.

Shoving contest

Victory Star Drop


And one more update.

a new Trios move

an updated B-Driver



Christmas vacation has been pretty productive…

Stalling RKO

Gorilla Press Drop

a proper Ax Kick

a Guitarra de Angel that actually pins

John Woo!


Alright, here is something very very special.
And I’m not just talking about the moves.
Can you spot it?


The legs are different
Arms too I see now.
Fucking amazing


That is exciting! Any sneak peek on how it is accomplished?



The same way that anything important is achieved in Fire Pro World…mods.

It’s not my mod really. I did add a UI to it and make it so it doesn’t waste two slots…but other than that, there’s a handful of us who are sort of “testing” it.

More info will come when the team working on the actual mod feels it’s ready go.


Some more examples


Update time.

a closer look at my asymmetrical Asuka

and two of my favorite moves from my most recent batch
Blue Dahlia



So you can actually preview the asymmetrical edit in the standard window in game?

Looks so freaking sweet!



I was waiting for that…

No you can’t. Dakota got creative.


Hahahaha, I kind of figured that…especially with my understanding of how the mod functions…

Now I am just becoming annoying, stalking this mod…



Haha, yeah, sadly the mod only works in-game so far.
That was just meant to show the actual edit in a bigger/better way.


more Asuka moves as I am completing her moveset and another asymmetrical attire in action