Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


Speaking of something really special.
Here’s a Lionsault!


It looks great. Any way to get more height though? Maybe a pin?

Also, think you could take a wack at RVD’s Rolling Thunder? Seems like you’re on a roll with setup moves.


Yeah, I’m still playing with the arch of the Lionsault.
Although I like the low arched one, so I might just make 2 versions.
Oh, and pin isn’t possible here due to how the move editor works.

Rolling Thunder is unlikely. That would require a lot of custom diagonal frames for a move I wouldn’t use myself.

But, there is more stuff that I’m cooking up:
(this is still a work in progress)


That looks really good


NICE. A proper People’s Elbow is easily top 5 on my most wanted moves.


Here’s a big update to the three previously shown moves and one new one

Handspring Moonsault


People’s Elbow

and the new one, a certain Leg Drop


Oh, Brother!


My favorite thread on here.


Another significant update, as I admittedly didn’t think I’d be able to create this.
Here’s the Pounce!


Dude that’s sick!


That’s cool. I’ve always wondered if a pounce would look right in FP.


New double team move.
Lawn Dart Cutter


Looks great!


A variety pack of quick and simple moves:
Leg Hook Rollup, Flash Pin and Kimura Lock


nicely done


I know you do these for display mostly, but at a certain point it becomes criminal. These are of such quality. So much work must go into these but they look flawless. Absolutely amazing work, thanks for sharing them,I love to watch every one!


Yeah at this point I’d rather have a Dakota move pack than an official one.


This is late but that peoples elbow is awesome


Here’s a fairly big dump of videos as I have recently reached a personal goal by creating my 150th move.

Running Senton

Pinfall with feet on the ropes


two simple Get Up Taunts, both leave the opponent groggy

Rolling Lariat

a special exchange

Hip Attack!


especially that tranquilo!