Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


I think someone on the move team made Okada’s Dropkick a while back.
Which of his 1000 powerbombs do you mean exactly?


https://youtu.be/XwD9jZJe9i0 something like that


Oh yeah, that’s definitely possible.
Either as a regular front grapple that can toss out (like the throwing belly-to-belly), or as a corner grapple.


Also, here’s an add-on to the last videos I posted.

Double A Spinebuster, but now as an irish-whip counter!

Sunset Flip, but now as a running move!

And my favourite, Springboard Sunset Flip


Here are two more, because I’m on a bit of a roll.

a proper Uraken

IV Knee Lock


Great as always.

Any chance you’d give Goto’s Ura Shoten a go? Seems overlooked by Spike and I’d love to see your attempt if you’re down.

Here’s the move.


The IV Knee Lock looks very similar to the Calf Slicer/Killer/Crusher that Styles uses. Close enough to where I at least believe the move is possible now.

And the Uraken. Great selling on that move.


Hmm, here’s a quick 10~15 minutes version/proof of concept.

Needs more work with layering amongst other things.


And here you go, the finished Ura Shouten.



This was a one-off as the move looked interesting enough.
I don’t really have the time to do requests.


And Goto is finally complete.


Thanks Dakota


Man I love all these moves! The proper Uraken looks great man.


This was fairly difficult, but here’s a first look at the Calf Crusher


One more for today, Stalling Pumphandle Cutter


Here’s something slightly different, Aleister Black’s Moonsault Fake Out


Overhead Kick


Worked on it some more


Two significant updates

after several months I’ve finally gone back to bring the Coast to Coast up to date quality-wise
changed a bunch of things (timing, better climb and sell etc.) and added about a dozen frames throughout to make it smoother

also finally fixed all the layering issues this one had


This thread makes me so Happy-Sad.


Haha, thanks and I’m sorry? But I’ll take it.

And here’s something really special.
Finally made it work:
a proper Handspring Moonsault