Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


:joy: that stinky face!
Rikishi edits totally need that one lol


Neck Snap


That neck snap is Perfect!


These joshi moves are amazing. You did a great job on that rope walking moonsault!


These moves are soooo good :smiley:


Here are two reworked moves.

Finally fixed the layering issues I had with this one, really like how it looks now.

Also fixed the last layering issue and improved the impact of this one.


Been away from Waza for almost 2 weeks due to work, family etc.
Finally had some free time, so here’s the most devastating of the classic Japanese comedy moves:


Instant critical on all Japanese Exchange Teachers!


Haha. Here’s another move from the same genre.
Janken Pinfall


Please, please, please release these. Liger needs Kancho. The Rock Paper Scissors roll-up is great too.


Used what little free time I had today to finally cross this off my to-do-list.
Swiss Death

On terms of releasing stuff, I’m still working on something special that will please some, but probably not many. It’s just been moved back a few times now due to work and stuff.


I have a question and it’s not necessarily directed just to you but why do people like to create things and then not release it? I think your animations are nice but I would honestly only use the mr. Perfect neck snap personally so this is not me trying to beg and plead for you to release stuff just wondering the thought process behind it


I, on the other hand, will absolutely beg and plead you to release stuff. (I need those tag team moves in my life. They’re beautiful. So is Swiss Death.)


Read the description, it’s a showcase. Can we have at least one website where DakotaK isn’t begged to release his stuff? People approach the game in different ways; some people just want to show what they’ve made with a group of people who share their interest.

Not everything needs to be released for use in order to be appreciated. As someone who initially hounded DakotaK about releasing edits back on fpwarena, it took a while to figure out. But, it’s best to just be thankful that things are being shared at all instead of making constant requests that could potentially drive people away.


Swiss death looks really good. You really have a talent for this Dakota



Dakota, I apologize. Won’t happen again. Also, I stand by my statement that your work is amazing.


Nothing to apologize for.
View summed it up nicely, everyone enjoys the game in different ways.
I enjoy Fire Pro because I can create my own stuff.

Anyway, here are 3 more videos.
I completely redid Kairi’s Interceptor

Here’s a classic heel move, begging off into a Low Blow

And a simple O’Conner Roll


I’m convinced you work for Spike. Those are so crisp. Well done as always!


Haha, thank you.
I wouldn’t mind getting payed to work on the game…
But in reality this is just me putting what little free time I have into wazamake.
I just really enjoy creating moves.

Speaking of, here are 3 more videos:

Double A Spinebuster

Sunset Flip

Io dropkicking her opponent off the turnbuckle


That Io move got me thinking, something similar could be made for Okada, but could something like Mike Awesome’s Awesome bomb to the outside be possible?