Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


Ok, I’m a bit Jim Cornette-ish in my opinions on Joey Ryan, but that penis-plex is utterly amazing. Hope you release all your moves Justin. You’ve got a gift.


Justin? It’s called Dakota’s Gallery for a reason ; )


Also here’s another move preview.
3 moves for Asuka
Asuka Kicks, Jumping Hip Attack and the Asuka Lock

This also gives you a look at my updated Asuka edit, using DLC parts.


Oh my god. Love it. I’m dying for you to release some of these moves.


So sorry, was looking at Justin Idol’s post when I typed that. Unless you want to be a Justin, then consider it an official renaming.

Charlie now known as Rob


Haha, no thanks. That would just be confusing and I am pretty happy with Dakota ; )


Well if you change your mind, I’ll be glad to stick with the state them - Montana, Carolina, lots of options.

Charlie formerly known as Rob soon to be known as Marty


That Asuka series is a beaut…sincerely Justin, not Dakota…and no, not Justin Idol either…well crap, just call me JP…


Mate these moves are awesome.Would love to have those curbstomps in my edits arsenal.Keep up the good work


Here are 4 Tag Team Moves of mine.

Brainbuster & Superkick

Gutbuster & Footstomp

Codebreaker & German Suplex

Giant Swing & Dropkick


OMG KRS-1 ahhhhhh I’m marking out!!!


These tag moves are mind blowing! Amazing job!


Thank you!

Here are a few more moves.

Blue Dahlia & Sky Blue Suplex Hold

Corner Pero Special & Harukaze

Also, no concrete promises, but a few moves may be uploaded soon.


Always pushing the boundaries and trying new things, love it as always Dakota :+1:


I love the “Gutbuster & Footstomp” and the “Codebreaker & German Suplex” :clap:


I’ve pretty much given up hope of ever getting your Joshi edits and rings, but damn I hope you drop those Asuka moves!


Here are 10 more move previews, some of which I’m really happy with.

Venus Shoot & Infinity

Sliding Dropkick & Two Stage Dragon Suplex

Rope Hung Moonsault Stomp & Rope Hung Shooting Star

Wheelbarrow Rollup & Stinky Face

And some more Entertainment (+ Power) moves
Boinmaker & Oppaiye

I’ll make a post on move releases within this week.
On a related note, I really hope some people at least try to take part in Bozo’s waza challenge. The amount of “it’s not worth my time… BUT you should create this” responses he’s gotten is pretty off-putting.


These are phenomenal!


The Waza-Make challenge would totally be worth my time, but for I need 4 hands and 2 dudes helping just to get the pre-made mods working.

And, IF you’re planning on dropping some of these amazing moves you’ve made, please, please, please, in the glorious name of James E. Cornette, post that Joey Ryan Dick Spot you posted on Discord.


Here’s a quick one.
Io’s Corner Double Foot Choke into Handstand Double Knee