Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


Alright, here’s a completely unplanned update.
Inspired by View’s and Suneed’s recent exploits I’ve spent some time today creating special get up animations.

Undertaker/Kane Sit Up


Maki’s Double Flip Off

and my own version of the Kip Up


Fucking magical


First move in almost 2 weeks.
A quick new character specific one.
Miu’s Swinging Backbreaker


Alright, combined the previous pictures with a bunch of new ones.
20 new edits, 6 promotions up to date again.
And I still love the asymmetry mod.


Here’s another classic move, the Sugar Hold.
Made 2 versions with the Move Lists mod in mind, regular and extra strain on the arm.


extra strain on the arm


So where can we download these? I need that Curb Stomp!!! It is the one move I have been waiting for Spike to add since release. Sweet work :slight_smile:



These are not for download?


Indeed, fairly unlikely to be released in the future either.


What a tease :frowning:


Are there any other move packs out there, I am new to scene and just now getting into the importing of moves. Any suggestions? also, is there a tool to make your own. Seriously new :frowning:


Check out jamesrah on this site. He has some sweet moves and you can download them.


Not every move needs to be shared, people being willing to work with Wazamake and show what’s possible is a boon in itself. Hopefully it encourages new people to try their hand at it, and gives all the existing creators ideas.


Is there still a way to downgrade 2.0 to 1.02 so I can try Waza or do I have to find a version on the webs?


You need to find a version yourself.


Ok thanks for the info. I’ll wait and see if I can do it on an old computer just in case I grab a virus copy.