Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


Haven’t done anything in waza for several days, so here’s the first little update in a bit
1 move and 1 taunt for Hamuko


Some more universal moves today.
Two versions of the Samoan Drop



Bit of a bigger post this time
Shatter Machine (5 minute waza challenge)


And I fixed two DLC moves that just didn’t look good.
Yoran (arm placement, speed and improved impact & sell)

Lightning Spiral (a lot of layering changes, custom forms and a correct new impact & sell)


Shatter Machine is a thing of beauty. Great work as always.



5 minute challenge? You did that in just 5 minutes?


Yeah, the Shatter Machine took about 5 minutes.
It’s just the 3K move with switched frames, a tiny bit of c-value adjustments and some layering work.
After using waza for almost a year by now that’s kind of second nature.


Smooth AF, bro.


Nice as always. I do have a question, when you exported the new moves (bytes) did they all export? I can’t seem to get the campana, rainmaker through or low blow kick to export.


Yeah, I have all the bytes.
Are you on the discord? Send me a PM there.


Dakota, I’ll hit you up later I have a few appointments today and thank you so very much. My user name on discord is RaiderFang.


Finally reworked an old move I was never quite happy with.
Corner Cannonball


Here’s another classic move.
Slingshot Suplex


asking out of curiosity, why did you not use the Apron Suplex animation?


Didn’t think of it really.
But you’re right, after a bit of work on it, this does look better.