Dakota's FPW Gallery - Moves, Edits and Rings


Hello and welcome to my showcase.

This topic will feature pictures and videos of my creations, including edits, rings and moves.

Here are the most recent banners.

Wrestlers, managers and referees, currently 352 edits strong:

Rings, currently 42, with 4 promotions having 2 versions:


Here’s the first update right away.
These new & updated edits aren’t included in the above banner yet.

And here are 3 examples of moves I’ve created

Kairi Sane Diving Elbow

Curb Stomp (2 versions)

Lethal Injection


Finally, videos! :smiley:


Here are some more!

Angel Wings

Coast to Coast

Elbow Stomp (2 versions)


I love that Kairi Sane elbow drop! That’s very impressive.


Those elbow stomps are amazing!


Your moves are always so good. You fully commit to the custom forms.


That Coast to Coast! Wow. I wasn’t going to ask before because I know you usually showcase your edits, but will you be sharing any of these moves? I completely respect it if you aren’t but I couldn’t help but ask, because I would love to have that Coast to Coast.


Well, as opposed to edits & rings I do think I’ll end up releasing a move or two.
Still debating if it’s going to be single uploads or a small pack.

In the meantime, here’s a new move I’m really happy with.
Time Freeze Magic


But is it an entertainment move? We need more of those. :smiley:


Wow thanks for considering it. That Time Freeze Magic is cool too! If it’s an entertainment move that would be awesome.


Of course it’s an entertainment move!
Happy you like it.

Here’s another brand new one.

Ohata/Dragon Style Curb Stomp

And four I created a while ago.

Mamma Mia & Mamma Mia Z

Sumo Lariat & Hamroll


Wow, I’ve poked around on your showcase thread quite a lot on CC and always found it quite inspiring, but I was not aware you made moves too. And some seriously spectacular moves at that! Absolutely excellent stuff here.


Thank you for the compliment.
Happy you found some inspiration in my work.

Also, I updated the Ohata/Dragon Style Curb Stomp, making the impact a bit more brutal


I liked the curb stomp you had posted prior, but this impact really made the a huge difference :+1: great work as always.

ps more we need more time magic style moves :slight_smile:


Curb stomp looks wicked.

Could you consider making it so you hold the opponent up for a few frames longer so it builds anticipation for the stomp? It feels like it should be a bit longer.


Wow these moves are fantastic. Hope you release them!


Thanks for the comments.

Here’s another update to the Ohata/Dragon Curb Stomp, for added drama and more impact.

And to balance the brutality here’s the stupidest move I’ve ever created, the Crotch Flip.


Those are both excellent, excellent work…both for different reasons :smiley:



Oh man, that curb stomp is perfect. Absolutely perfect! Masterpiece. Thanks, that made my day!