Dakota's Fire Pro Joshi Puro Universe - under construction


Change is coming. I felt like rebooting this topic for a while now and after realizing that it had breached the 10000 views mark I thought this is as good a time as any.
So, while I genuinely appreciate all the nice comments and feedback I have gotten so far, I cleared the topic out and will start posting new content when I feel like it. Maybe switch up the format I use to showcase my creations as well. Longer videos maybe?

I’ve been thinking about doing more tutorials for those interested in being creative themselves. No idea yet if I’d rather focus on edits, moves or textures.

Holding some sort of contests or trivia events, with creations as prizes, is also a possibility.

However, no matter what I’ll end up doing, those upset by my choice to release my content to a limited crowd first and foremost, won’t like the new format any more than the old one.
So if you can’t handle that, you might as well not stop by anymore and save yourself the heartache.

The Ura Shouten, the one move I have released publicly, is still available here:

If you feel like creating your own moves with waza and just need a starting point, check out this quick and easy tutorial to create a 10 Count Punch in the corner:

Lastly, if you are looking for a place to request moves, please refer to this topic:

And that’s it for now.


Here’s a really quick move preview.
Didn’t plan on posting so soon, but I was pretty disappointed by the result of the latest move poll and just created the move I voted for myself.


Speaking of that poll, here’s another one that sadly wasn’t chosen.


Alright, here’s the first big update since restarting the topic.
With the arrival of the Stardom DLC I have worked on my first bigger edit project in a long while.
So here it is, the updated Stardom roster:

As you can see, I used the Asymmetry Mod for a lot of the edits.
Here’s a quick video to show you asymmetric attires in motion.
The video also features my Stardom name plates and my custom Shin Kiba venue.