Custom Sound Packs

To use these simply unzip them to your main Fire Pro directory while using the Sound Replacement Mod contained in the Mod Pack (Please note that this feature is in testing as of 5/22/2019 so if you can’t find it in the version you have downloaded, you probably don’t have the test version).

Sparks’ Better Mat Sounds:

Zin5ki’s Yurakuen Hall Crowd Loops:


Didn’t know where else to post this, but I have overhauled most of the primary match sounds, including standard strikes, weapon attacks, and ringside actions. Technically still a work in progress, but I’m done updating this for at least a little while.

Sparks’s Match Sound Overhaul

Here’s a video demonstrating the new sounds:

Very big thanks to Carl for implementing this awesome feature and improving the game ten fold once again!


I have prepared three sets of crowd sounds for this mod so far, available here, here and here.

Extract the samples into the Cheers subfolder. You will need View619’s Extra Game Options mod in order to hear the extra crowd sounds in the game.


I made a pack

Sounds from Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, and I think maybe a sound from King of Fighters. Oh, and also a couple sounds from Super Mario Bros, where appropriate.

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Here and here are my Yurakuen Hall and Spike Dome packs, respectively. They consist of sounds taken from Korakuen Hall and the Tokyo Dome.

The crowds may sound a little subdued initially, but they become livelier later in a match.

Edit: An Arena de Universo pack, for good measure:

Edit: A custom 1980s AJW pack: