Custom Sound Packs


To use these simply unzip them to your main Fire Pro directory while using the Sound Replacement Mod contained in the Mod Pack (Please note that this feature is in testing as of 5/22/2019 so if you can’t find it in the version you have downloaded, you probably don’t have the test version).

Sparks’ Better Mat Sounds:

Zin5ki’s Yurakuen Hall Crowd Loops:

[Mod 2.0] Mod Pack

Didn’t know where else to post this, but I have overhauled most of the primary match sounds, including standard strikes, weapon attacks, and ringside actions. Technically still a work in progress, but I’m done updating this for at least a little while.

Sparks’s Match Sound Overhaul

Here’s a video demonstrating the new sounds:

Very big thanks to Carl for implementing this awesome feature and improving the game ten fold once again!


I have prepared three sets of crowd sounds for this mod so far, available here, here and here.

Extract the samples into the Cheers subfolder. You will need View619’s Extra Game Options mod in order to hear the extra crowd sounds in the game.


Ladies and gentlemen, I proudly present to you amsterDAN’s SUPER MEGA REALISTIC (aSMR) Sounds! I’ve divvied these bad boys into three modular packs so you can decide for yourself how deeply you want to dive into my madness. Just unzip to your main FP directory and everything should (hopefully) fall right into place.

The Base Sounds pack makes 74 replacements of default match sounds, which should cover just about anything you’d ever hear in the course of an ordinary match. Also included in the Base Sounds pack are “Holy Shit” and “This is Awesome” chants for each arena, which can be triggered by the ModPack on outside dives.


The Special Moves pack contains 125 move-specific sound replacements, including such things as superkick snaps and particularly loud slaps on things like the Fierce Knife-Edge and Tanahashi Slaps; special families of slams for piledrivers, enormous bombs, and mid-powered slams such as cyclone whips that I felt looked too strong to use the basic DownOnMat sound; gasping sounds for certain chokes; a rising, anticipatory crowd cheer on guaranteed running moves to downed opponents such as the Running Dangerous Kick (note: if you run a lot of Dojo matches you may want to delete these as it inserts additional crowd noise); and I paid special respect to the Burning Hammer by adding a spine-snapping sound to its slam.


Lastly, the Comedy Pack contains 27 bizarre sounds such as a vibraslap for groin attacks, the Benny Hill theme during Chair’s Illusions, a sad trombone if someone falls while climbing the ropes, the theme from Psycho during scythe attacks, the theme from JAWS during the Nightmare, a whoopee cushion for the Hip Drop pin, Super Mario jump sounds during backflip taunts as well as the Mario death theme for the Muscle Buster, and a hypnotic-sounding theremin to replace the maracas in all arenas, among other things. When installing this pack, you’ll need to decide whether or not you want to overwrite the ordinary AttackGroin sound with the vibraslap.


I tried to design these packs to work harmoniously with Zin5ki’s spectacular crowd loops (which you can find right here in this thread, and I strongly advise you use in unison with my packs) as well as with the mat sounds provided by Sparks’ excellent Mat Sound Replacement mod. Indeed, the Base Pack here contains many of the mat sounds from that mod adjusted for volume and reverb to match the rest of the pack, and I owe Sparks big-time for finding those sounds, as I used elements of those in nearly every file I made.


6/3 UPDATE: The newest ModPack test version, which lets the in-game volume controls effect custom sounds, seems to have changed the balance between my sounds and the vanilla ones I left in, so I’ve raised the level of all clips. If you picked up my pack on the first day or two it was up, I recommend redownloading and overwriting the old stuff.


I made a pack

Sounds from Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom, and I think maybe a sound from King of Fighters. Oh, and also a couple sounds from Super Mario Bros, where appropriate.


Want your Dojo to sound like a sitcom’s live studio audience is sitting in on the proceedings? Want incongruous laughter after big moves? Probably not, but if you do, I got you covered. Make your matches sound like an episode of Seinfeld with my new Live Studio Audience pack! Just unzip to your main FP directory.

LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE cheer pack for the Dojo:


Alrighty, I’ve jumped aboard the crowd sound train and have made two packs, and sticking with my weird naming conventions I am calling it aDHD (amsterDAN’s HELLA DYNAMIC) Crowd Sounds. I meant these as two general-purpose crowds, one large and one mid-sized, and named them SpikeDome and Yurakuen mainly as a matter of convenience; the intention is to use Extra Venue settings to assign them wherever you need to, using Japanese Large and Japanese Small. I find the Yurakuen one is good for precisely that place, but the one named SpikeDome is good for just about anything larger than the Yurk. If you’re using my move sounds packs, I recommend a balance of around 50 for the moves, 70 for the crowd.

SpikeDome / LARGE Crowd Pack

Yurakuen/ MID-SMALL Crowd Pack

UPDATE: Made one small but pretty important change to SpikeDome_LoopCheer_S, which originally had a pretty irritating guy clapping his hands raw really close to the mic and yelling “Wooohooo” a little too often. He has been kicked out of the arena and I recommend updating that file if you picked up the pack in the first hour or so it was up.


Here and here are my Yurakuen Hall and Spike Dome packs, respectively. They consist of sounds taken from Korakuen Hall and the Tokyo Dome.

The crowds may sound a little subdued initially, but they become livelier later in a match.

Edit: An Arena de Universo pack, for good measure: