Custom Edit Parts, The List (?)


Would anyone object to something like this? Having all the different edit makers having their own threads is awesome, and I’d hate to see that go away, but having one great big database that shows the

Piece, Size, Creator, and Link to the .bytes DL.

I just had to delete a ton of parts to make room so my game’d stop crashing (RIP Avengers title belts), and it’d be a great recourse to have every thing in one place, but still have discussion, pics, and requests in people’s individual threads. Yes? No? STFU and go to bed?


I’m fine with the idea. Could be easier to find particular parts I’m looking for.


I don’t think it’s the parts that is causing the crashing - I’ve had the same issue before and was thinking it could of been the parts because I had so many of them. Carlzilla has told me they don’t take up much memory usage. More than likely it’s from the custom moves as those do take up a lot of memory.

But yes something like this would be nice for a quick easy location


If a list gets done I have links from several custom parts from the Arena, like the Lego head/ hands that I don’t believe made the jump over to CC or here yet.


I like the idea for sure. Anything that makes stuff easier to find I’m all for.