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Three Updates from me tonight.

  1. Iron Sheik (IronSheik.tex) includes mustache, head gear, band for head gear, camel for tights and boots and thigh patter for pants look.

  1. Young Bucks (YoungBucks.tex) Includes waist, thigh and shin parts for Too Sweet tights, YB Tights and Meltzer Tights…Elite Head Band Logo, Elite Back of Jacket, Elite Bucks Thigh Piece, Three Layers for Boot Tassels, Parts for the AEW Hoodie and Multiple Shirt Logos.

  1. Cody (Cody.tex) Includes parts for Stardust, CR WWE Run including broken nose mask, American Nightmare tights and jacket, Dream Tattoo, Multiple Thigh Pieces, Boot Logos and Shirt Designs.


Awesome updates as per usual JP, the Stardusts, split Cody attire, & Sheiks are stand out to me though. :+1:


Thanks Bozo. Yeah, so happy with the Cody pack, Stardust included, and the asymmetrical mod opens up some cool things.



All the Elite stuff is amazing, but I’m gonna get so much use out of Sheiky Baby’s headgear and mustache. Between senator’s early century boxers and djkm’s early wrestlers, I’ve desperately wanted a big curly stache. Plus modern hipster guys like Simon Gotcha or Mustache Mountain.


Thanks CTR, hope you enjoy them. I want to eventually do a Tyler Bate, curled at the end mustache at some point.



Can you do a bigger version of the camel for Sabu’s pant leg? That’s all he really needs to be perfect now that you did the turban.


Yeah, I will get to that shortly. Planned to piggy back on Sheik for Sabu. Wanna do his scars, waist tie and sabu arm band.


One new Update from me today…The Black Heart, Tommaso Ciampa! (Ciampa.tex) Includes Beard, Two Shirts, and the Back lettering inside and outline of CIAMPA on the back (colorable).


Thanks dude. Your work enhances the game so much.


Justin, i just downloaded all your work! It’s great!!! Kudos! I’m excited for what it means for my roster!


New Edit Parts for tonight…Homicidal, Suicidal…Sabu! (Sabu.tex) Includes Chest Scars, Upper Arm Scars, Upper Arm ‘SABU’ lettering for arm band, Camel Thigh Logo and Jewels for head gear to go with the parts from the Sheik set.


That’s fucking great!


Thanks CTR, hope the camel can now help you complete your Sabu :slight_smile:



Yeah dude, perfect. I know it was a rare thing for him, but I always liked the design.


New Update for today…King of Bros…Matt Riddle (MattRiddle.tex) Includes Chest Tattoo, Chest Jacket, Body Zipper for Jacket, Body BRO logo, King of Bros Thigh Logo, Bro back of Thigh Logo, Snapback ball cap, Snapback Bill Only, and NXT Logo for Snapback.


Bro. BRO! Just, Bro.


Last one for the weekend…The Switchblade, Jay White (JayWhite.tex) Includes two shirt logos, waist ‘X’ for belt, Switchblade back logo, Scratches for thighs and knee pad.


Two New File from me this weekend…