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Sandman…Includes 4 shirt logos and his upper and forearm tattoos.


OMG, Justin! ECW! ECW! ECW!

Please tell me there are more ECW guys coming?! I got a list!


My Taz, and this isn’t your fault I’m just trying to fix mine, looks like he is wearing a tank and speedo trunks. How can I get it to look more like a singlet?

Or if you can tell me whose Taz you’re using, that works too


It’s my Taz…although I don’t post to the Workshop due to the custom parts. The singlet look I am using, the singlet top on the chest and then the body suit front and back on the waist. Those two pieces cover the entire ‘waist’ section of the edit in a uniform way. Make them all a dark gray, but not 0,0,0 black with 0% highlights.



Merry Funkin’ Christmas!!! TerryFunk.tex includes 4 chest logos and three stripe layers for the thigh…….


Thanks for the Taz pointers.

Love the Funk.

Merry Christmas, Justin! These ECW edits are perfect


The Funker! Finally real Funk lines.


This is the Funkiest day ever


One Update for tonight. The Franchise, Shane Douglas (ShaneDouglas.tex). Includes 5 chest logos, two upper arm pieces to make different steps of the Triple Threat Tattoo (and to be able to use on a future Candido), Triangle piece and two rear logos for the waist, and one thigh logo…


One more for tonight…another third of the Triple Threat, No Gimmicks Needed, Chris Candido (ChrisCandido.tex)….Includes one shirt logo, one body snake skin front design and the CC for the shin/boot.


Update for Today…Insane Clown Posse, per request…(InsaneClownPosse.tex)….Includes 4 face pieces (2 for each face paint)……5 Chest pieces (JCW Inside and Outline, ICP Logo, Jake and Jekyl faces)….2 forearm tattoos…


Mike Awesome (MikeAwesome.tex) includes rear logo.


The One and Only…Ricochet (Ricochet.tex)….Includes Chest tattoo, Chest Shirt Logo, Arm Tattoos, Thigh Logo, Crotch Laces, Rear EST Logo…


You’re a machine.


Haha, thanks CTR…Christmas vacation, three daughters occupied with Santa gifts and my wife has been working…pace will throttle down here shortly.



Well I hope you got more ECW edits and WWE edits coming these are legit! (raven, RVD, HHH, Bam Bam, Dreamer etc)


Thankis Surge…yeah I have a growing list, that all these guys you listed are on…just a matter of finding the time. Although, RVD scares me a bit as his parts will have to flow from chest to body to thigh. Not an easy task in FirePro sprite sheets.



A few more ideas I’d like to see:

Ring jackets
Letters on the back (for said jackets)

And you know how someone made the heart piece for tights? I’d like to see spades, diamonds, and clubs to go with that. (Now that I think of it, if we can get those as chest/back logos too, that’d be cool.)


One update for today…The Club…The Good Brothers…The Magic Killers…Gallows and Anderson (GallowsAnderson.tex)….Includes upper and forearm tattoos for both, 2 t-shirt designs, three different tight designs for Anderson, 3 parts for the chest for Gallows, and 4 thigh pieces for Gallows…


Two Updates today.

  1. Tommy Dreamer…(TommyDreamer.tex) includes two shirt logos…