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Update…for ChuckTheRipper……CrazyMAX.tex……chest Logo.


Update: Big Stevie Cool…StevieRichards.tex……Cut Off Jeans, Threads for CutOffs, Stevie Richards Airbrush Shirt, Shorter Cut Off Shirt, SR Waist Logo, SR Thigh Logo, Stevie Richards Thigh Logo.


Update: Johnny Freakin Wrestling…JohnnyGargano.tex……DIY Shirt, Waist, Shin…Johnny Wrestling Shirt, Waist, Shin…Venom Vest, Waist, Shin…Punisher Vest, Waist Shin…



Damn those are amazing! Gargano is mind blowing! Thanks for the Crazy Max shirt.


Thanks CTR! Glad you are happy with the shirt.



Really love these parts hope to see more soon, just have one question don’t know if this has been asked I’m still new at all this. When I’m selecting someone for a match I don’t see any of the custom parts at all when I’m changing attires is there a way to fix that. I have 2.00 btw


Thanks for the kind words. Need to get back to making some more stuff, just a lot of life going on right now.

Also, that is a known issue with 2.0…you will have to turn on cache for your wrestlers in the options menu in game. Depending on the number of edits you have, the first time it caches, it may take a while, but after the first cache, each one goes by fast. I have about 2,500 edits total, the first cache was probably thirty minutes, when I launch the game now it is seconds.



Dude. I wasn’t aware of the cache thing. I’d been having terrible luck with crashes while editing, and now, boom 5 hours of play before a crash. Thanks for the knowledge bomb.


Hahaha, no worries, I like the caching better too b/c it speeds up all the menus, let alone helps with custom parts.



Will try this out. because usually I can go 10-15 mins in Edit Mode then boom, crash!. it sux… and I don’t even use custom moves.


Two new .tex files for today…Tye Dillinger…the Perfect 10…includes shirt, tattoo, and two pieces for the waist.


Diamond Dallas Page…Includes 3 shirt logos, 2 vest designs, 2 thigh designs, upper arm tattoo and chest star tattoo…


New Update for Tonight…the Deadman…includes 3 Shirt Designs, 5 Thigh Logos, Chest Logo, Old School Tie, Arm Tattoos, forearm glove parts, leather straps…


Amazing as always


Got a few questions, is the deadman tex uploaded to the google drive because I didn’t see it. Also how did you get that pink/black outline on bret hart’s tanktop and how did you get the curve in AJ styles’ boots?


For Bret and AJ, those are parts lifted from other creators packs. Don’t remember exactly which, if it was SDSS, Omni or someone else back from the C!C days.

As for Undertaker.tex, I show it in my Googl Drive and the permissions don’t seem different. As of right now it is the last one modified if you sort it that way.


Two New Updates for today…

  1. ChadGable.tex……waist logo

  1. Taz/Tazz…….4 chest logos, Upper Arm Tattoo, FTW Wrist/Fist Tape, Logo for back of singlet.


Perfect Taz!


Continuing the ECW theme…two updates…

  1. Justin Credible…includes 4 shirt logos and his X-Factor Thigh Logo.