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Update: Accolytes.tex……



Start on the Undertaker.tex……I needed the thigh logo for the Acolytes, but didn’t want to tie this logo to that .tex file.


And lastly for tonight…ReyMysterio.tex……this pack spans his US career…from WCW rookie to his Rumble 2018 and Smackdown 1000 looks.



Love, love, love the first and those last two. Looks awesome man, keep up the great work


Holy monkey shit! Happy Halloween to me! Thanks for the brands pack, I’m just about to start working on the Invasion Angle, so this is perfect timing. The other stuff… just, wow. I was really proud of my modern Rey, but now it looks like ass. And you did the PHANTOM COSTUME! Yes! If you feel like going really crazy, I’d love to see his Joker and Avatar looks. Or the shirt look from his last run.
Taker, Acolytes & JBL are perfect!


Thanks CTR! Glad you like them. As for Rey, I may revisit other looks (Joker, Avatar, Captain America) , but right now I think I’m done with him and on to other guys.



Not sure why some of the images aren’t posting. I did make his Flash look on this go round.


Those brand shirts will work great with a Brand vs Brand extended elimination match!
10 v 10 Raw vs Smackdown match incoming!


Update! RonSimmons.tex (Nation Hat, Nation Stripes, DAMN Shirt, Nation Chest and Body, Simmons Boots, Simmons Thigh Logo and a skinny headband)


Update! Breezango.tex - (Visor, Cop Hat and Badge to make hat.……4 Shirt Logos, fuzzy wrists, PoPo Backside piece, Fashion Line Thigh Piece, Badge Thigh Piece, Fandango Logos for thighs and for shins).





New .tex file on my Google Drive…GreatMuta.tex…includes mask, horns, samurai helmet, entrance mask, back paint, dogi logos, waist lightning, thigh lightning, thigh logo, shin lightning and bell bottom low line.


Very nice job on the Muta parts…
I noticed some of your pictures are um, jumbo’d around not sure if ya knew. Could just be me cause I am reading on an IPad.


Yeah, don’t know why. On my end some of them just don’t show up, even though they are all added the same exact way. Been a problem on this site from the jump for me.

Thanks for the compliment on Muta.



Think you could make a Crazy-MAX t-shirt logo? I just downloaded all of Betchin’s edits, and CMAX was my favorite stable in Toryumon, so it’d be pretty cool to have them rocking the logo.



So this is the logo on the front of the shirt?



Yeah. Front & Center, with no text. Thanks for giving it a shot.


Yeah, I can get that one done soon.



Awesome. Thanks dude. These guys were a big part of what got me into Japanese wrestling. Plus, it’ll be better than the VPW2 knockoff version of their shirt that looked like a Tribal Swastika Bird.