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La Park/L.A. Park - Mask is Oni’s not mine…



The Bar:




Braun Strowman:


The Swiss Superman…includes waist parts, half sleeves, Kinetic Tape in two parts, two shirt designs. He and Sheamus are in the TheBar.tex file together.


Rush from CMLL by request: Only back logo


Damn you’ve sure been busy! These all look amazing. Am really glad we now have accurate Razor parts :smiley:
These will sure do chico proud


Putting in work! That LA Park is amazing man :ok_hand:


Thanks man! Pleased with how they came out.



I’m having so much fun with the La Parka parts that I haven’t even been able to make use of any of your other new stuff. 4 costumes for '97 La Parka teaming with Psychosis, 4 costumes for LWO La Parka, and even 2 costumes for “La Parka” DDP. Still have plans for “Skull Captain Skeletor,” and a shit load of Mexico versions of La Parka, La Parka Jr., La Parka Negro, Super Parka, LA Park,…

The worst part is that The Club looks amazing, and is one of my favorite modern teams, but I just can’t stop making LP costumes yet.


Hahahahaha, glad he is bringing you joy…I have to admit I did the DDP as La Parka Edit last night :smile:


Yup. WIth & without mask. Looks awesome to see him the Diamond Cutter on Mach.


Think you could add a Mega Powers butt logo to the Macho file? It’d be good for him and Hogan.


It’s already in the Macho file…5znQgXF


D’oh. I musti’ve looked right past that. Thanks, man.


Your shit is so great and the biggest reason I can’t do the vanilla version. Can’t thank you enough for your work. Any chance there’s some Rick Rude stuff coming down the pike? Thanks again, man. Fantastic, really.


Thanks man…yeah, wanna do some Rude stuff for sure.



Update posted to my Google Drive. 1 update (Rush from CMLL) to include his faction shirt and 1 new pack. The New Day…Lots of parts, unicorn horn, vest pieces, shirt logos, waist, thigh, shin and forearm pieces.



Update! Brands.tex pack to include different logos for tshirts for your Survivor Series, Invasion, Draft angles……



Update: JohnBradshawLayfield.tex………