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I’d pay DLC price for your work homie. Thank you!


Appreciate the kind words fellas. Glad you are enjoying them!



New file for tonight…Matt Hardy…(MattHardy.tex)……includes 4 shirt designs, two patterns for waist/thigh/shin, straps for the jacket, V1 for forearm and hand, and the Unlock Gear (body, thigh, shin).


Love the key tights. My favorite look before he got Broken.


Juice Robinson…(JuiceRobinson.tex)……Includes two pair of glasses (lenses are separate layer), Pirate Hat and Feather, Two T-Shirt Logos and the Fuzzy Patches for the waist, thigh and knee pad from Wrestle Kingdom…Hat could be used with Kairi Sane, and the Glasses with Adam Rose…


I have love your work! there’s a mod to allow edit sharing. Do you have edits to share?


I do not share, as logic can be tricky from one user to the next…I could pull .cos files if there is a particular set you are looking for.



The Crown Jewel, Chase Owens. (ChaseOwens.tex) includes shirt design, thigh logo, thigh bullet holes, waist bullet holes and knee pad bullet holes…


BulletClubCollection.tex….includes 7 shirts and the Bone Soldier Mask.


Gotcha. I want them all lol. I love this stuff. I’ll want to start with current wrestlers and go from there.


Some great textures, and thanks for making them available. I’m not super good at this mod stuff. How does one add the textures to the game?


Any chance you would be willing to do some Shane Douglas parts? Shirt and as parts to put on a butt. If color-able layers are possible that would be cool.


This with out the BDC


You don’t need the edit sharing mod, you can find edits on the Workshop then download the parts and apply them yourself. Even with cos files, you still need a base edit to apply them to.


Hey man, still not back in game, life has hit me hard over the last few months, but I did a Franchise pack already…check up in the ECW section of the this thread.



Yea i had found it haha thanks!!!


Good evening fellas,

(queue Bischoff’s theme) I’m back…and better than ever…Just one file, with one part to get back into the swing of things…BrayWyattFiend.tex is on the Google Drive. Just the mask, rest is made with existing parts (Including Yuki’s Kane Boot buckles).


Welcome back, that mask is excellent.


Thanks man, good to be back at it. It’s a good release.



Bad ass brother. Thank you!


TheOC.tex is on my Google Drive.