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Moving my Thread here for keeps…

All .tex files can be found in My Google Drive

  • Degeneration X: They’ve got Two-Words for ya!!! (file name: D-X.tex)
    includes front and back of shirt, jersey chest piece, jersey arm logo

-Austin 3:16: Give me a H#@l Yeah!!! Number 1 selling Shirt in the history of the biz…(file name: Austin316.tex)
includes front of shirt, back of shirt, chest piece of vest, body piece of vest, Jean Shorts, thigh knee braces, calf knee braces, texas tattoo)

-Goldberg: Who’s Next? You’re Next!!! (file name: Goldberg.tex)
includes upper arm tattoo, back of tights logo, WWE shirt design

-Brock Lesnar: The Beast Incarnate is ready to take you to Suplex City (file name: BrockLesnar.tex)
includes back tattoo, chest blade portion of knife tattoo, waist handle portion of knife tattoo, upper arm skull tattoo, back of tights logo, Jimmy John’s logo for shorts, Suplex City Shirt design

-Kevin Nash: Big Sexy is here to work as few dates as possible…in all his iterations (file name: Nash.tex)
includes Outsider T-Shirt, Wolfpac Chest Design, Wolfpac Body Design, Nash WCW Upper Arm Tattoo, Nash TNA Upper Arm Tattoo, Forearm Tattoo, Diesel singlet logo, nWo’ Nash singlet logo, NasH singlet logo, TNAsh singlet logo, Outsiders singlet logo, thigh tassles

-The Rock: FINALLY…THE ROCK…….HAS COME BACK…….TO FIREPRO… (file name: TheRock.tex)
includes Brahma Bull Arm Tattoo, The Rock Tights, Just Bring It Tshirt chest, and chest, waist, upper and forearm pieces forhis $500 Versace shirt (use vest and Ninja pieces underneath)

-Finn Balor: The Demon King is here to get OVER… (file name: Balor.tex)
includes Demon King Chest Piece, Knee Pad, Kick Pad, Calf Piece. Also Includes Balor Club Tights Logo and Balor Club Jacket Logo. I want to do more demon pieces.

-Kevin Owens: Fight Kevin, Fight! (file name: Owens.tex)
includes KO Shirt (adding extra layers of same logo gives the outline effect), KO RAW Shirt, Kill Steen Kill Shirt, Fight Owens Fight Shirt, KO USA Shirt, KO Short Logos, FIGHT Short Logos, Bull Tattoo and LIVE Forearm Tattoo.

-AJ Styles: The Phenomenal One. Tough to Follow. The Face that Runs the Place. (file name: Styles.tex)
includes Chest Tattoo, Waist Tattoo, P1 Shirt Logo, Vest Buckles for Chest and Waist, Vest P1 Logo, Downed Hood, Gas Mask Thigh Pieces, P1 Logo Thigh Pieces, P1 USA Thigh Pieces, Japanese Lettering Thigh Piece, Bullet Club Thigh Pieces, Number 1 Shin Pieces.

-Marty Scurll: Every Club needs a Villain, including the Critical Club…Woop,Woop…Mask and Fethers/Fur borrowed from Oni* (file name: Scurll.tex)
includes Villain Club Shirt (Chest and Body), Villain Club Gold Shirt (Chest and Body), Bullet Club Sleeve, Kneepads (Umbrellas, Villain Club, Gold Villain Club, Villain Logo), Front of tights (Villain Club, VILLAIN, Umbrella), Back of Tights (Villain, Scratch Villain, Gold Villain Club).

-Drew McIntyre: The Chosen one is back… (file name: McIntyre.tex)
includes Tights Logo that is front and back together (Crosses and Lion)

-Aleister Black: Beware the Black Mask… (file name: Aleister.tex)
includes chest tattoo, body tattoo, upper arm tattoo, forearm tattoo, thigh tattoo, hand tattoo, chest vest, body vest, tight logo on side, tight logo on back, kneepad logo, lightning shin parts.

-Roman Reigns: The Big Dog is here to patrol his yard…make sure to set him to ‘heel’ so he is properly booed… (file name: Reigns.tex)
includes chest protector (use tank top underneath), waist piece of chest protector, forearm gauntlets, logo for glove, SHIELD reunion shirt, superman shirt, cargo pockets for thighs.

-Randy Orton: From outta nowhere!!!.. (file name: Orton.tex)
includes back shoulder tattoo, upper arm skull tattoos, forearm skull tattoos, young orton upper arm tattoo, young Orton forearm tattoo, RKO legend killer shirt, RKO Outtanowhere shirt, tight wording/logo.

-Hollywood Hulk Hogan: The leader of the new World order is here brother, to put no one ‘over’. (file name: HollywoodHogan.tex)
includes Hollywood bandana, Hollywood Rules Shirt (chest and body), Hogan Skull Shirt, Tears for back of shirt, weight belt, weight belt buckle, weight belt ‘Hollywood’ lettering, thigh lightning, thigh ‘hollywood’ piece, boot nWo logo, boot airbrushed Hogan, foot flames.

-Chris Jericho: Break the walls DOWN!!! (file name: Jericho.tex)
includes barbed wire pattern for body and thigh, GOAT Tights and Kickpad, $5,000 Jacket (Lights for chest, body, upper arm and forearm, plus a forearm texture.

-Seth Rollins: CrossFit Jesus is here to BURN IT DOWN!!! (file name: Rollins.tex)
includes Back Tatto, Grey Vest (chest and waist), Lime Green (Chest, 2 Waist pieces, and Thigh), Monday Night Rollins Shirt, Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins Shirt, New Came, Stomped, Burned Shirt, Red Burn It Down Shirt, SR Thigh Logo, SR Knee Logo.

-Baron Corbin: And I thought shaving his head would be an improvement… (file name: Corbin.tex)
includes Chest Tattoo, Upper Arm Tattoo, Forearm Tattoo, End of Days T-Shirt, Chest piece of a more opened up button up dress shirt.

-Sean Waltman: MAKE SOME NOISE!!! (file name: Waltman.tex)
includes Upper Arm Tattoo, ‘Thug’ Waist piece, ‘Notorious’ back piece, ‘6 Pac’ Thigh piece, Cut off T-Shirt (Chest and Waist), 6 Ball back logo. I plan to revisit Waltman with 1-2-3, D-X and X-Factor attires at some point.

-Bret Hart: The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. (file name: BretHart.tex)
includes Hart logo front waist, heart outline front waist, heart front waist, back of tights, black and pink thigh pieces, hearts for thigh, Hitman logo for jacket, star for boots.

-Big Show: WEEEEEELLLLLLLLL… (file name: BigShow.tex)
includes Upper Arm Tattoo.

-CM Punk: The best in the world. (file name: CMPunk.tex)
includes chest tattoo, upper arm tattoo, forearm tattoo, hand x’s, Best In The World Shirt.

-Samoa Joe: Joe is gonna kill you… (file name: SamoaJoe.tex)
includes towel around neck, Right Hand of Destruction T-Shirt.

-Bobby Roode: Here to make FirePro World…GLORIOUS! (file name: Roode.tex)
includes Logo for tights, Shirt Logo, Back logo for Robe (Robe parts from Oni), knee pad design.

-D’Von Dudley: Get the Tables!!! (file name: Dudleyz.tex)
includes Shirt Logo, taped fingers, upper arm tattoo, forearm tattoo, 3D Boot design.

-Andrade Cien Almas: He needs his hammer lock DDT… (file name: CienAlmas.tex)
includes Back Chest Logo, waist opened bottom vest, fist knee pad logo.

-Ken Shamrock: The most dangerous man in the world comes to FirePro. (file name: Shamrock.tex)
includes waist lettering, kickpad outline with tabs.

-Chris Benoit: The Crippler, Horsemen Style. (file name: Benoit.tex)
includes Horsemen T-Shirt, waist crotch piece, 4 Horsemen Crippler logo for thigh, Inside thigh piece to match crotch, ‘4H’ logo for thigh.

-Dean Malenko: The Iceman, Shooter and Man of 1,000 Holds. (file name: Malenko.tex)
includes front of tights (two pieces, outline and fill), 1,000 for back of trunks and a plain vest without pockets.

-Steve McMichael: Rounding out the last iteration of the Horsemen is ‘Mongo’. (file name: Mongo.tex)
includes chest piece for jacket and ‘76’ for thigh.

-new World order: Too swwwweeeeeeeettttt!!!. (file name: newWorldorder.tex)
includes ‘nWo’ shirt (this version will fit my cutoff shirt better), Racing Shirt, 4 Life Body shirt, Rodzilla shirt, Rodman shirt and WWE NWO Hall front tights.

-Shawn Michaels: The heart breaker, show stopper, main even…Shawn Michaels…is here to lose his smile. (file name: Michaels.tex)
includes pieces for the forearm, hand, waist, thigh, shin and upper arm. Set pieces include the Texas hearts and the DX Hearts for all body parts. His upper arm tattoo and boot pieces are included. Also there are waist, forearm, thigh, shin and hand zebra patterns. As well as the outline, inside fill and zebra pattern for more generic parts for each body part. By using a combination of these pieces you can replicate almost all of his attires.

-Hulk Still Rules: Old man Hogan is here brother… (file name: HulkStillRules.tex)
includes Hulk Still Rules bandana and T-Shirt, Tie Dye waist and thighs, Red and Yellow Flame boots and Boa…The Boa has some clipping I need to clean up from one sprite to another, and is definitely better for entrances only.

-Owen Hart: The Rocket, the King of Harts is here. (file name: OwenHart.tex)
includes Chest Hart Foundation Logo, Owen Back Jacket, Danger (Waist and Thigh), BlackHart (Waist and Thigh) King of Harts (Waist and Thight), 2X Slammy Thigh, Owen Boots.

-Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart: May he rest… (file name: Neidhart.tex)
includes Anvil Jacket Back, Anvil Shirt, Anvil waist, ‘ANVIL’ text for back of tights, Anvil thigh (Inside and Outline) Anvil Boot Logo.

-British Bulldog: The Muscle of the Foundation. (file name: BritishBulldog.tex)
includes Bulldog Back of Jacket, Union Jack for front of tights, Angled Union Jack Tights, Union Jack Knee Logo, Bull Dog text for front and back.

-Brian Pillman: The Loose Cannon doesn’t call 9-1-1 (file name: Pillman.tex)
includes Pillman Jacket, 9-1-1 Shirt, Tie Dye Pants (Waist/Thighs/Shins), Pillman Thigh Sickles (Outline and Sparkle overlay).

-Booker T: 5 Time, 5 Time… (file name: BookerT.tex)
includes Harlem Heat (Chest top, chest log in 3 pieces, forearm flames in 2 pieces, thigh flames in two pieces), WCW Singles Booker (Waist, Hand, Thigh, Boots), Early WWE run (Waist, Boots) and later WWE Run (Waist, Boots). You can also do Stevie Ray…

-Adam Cole: BAY-BAY!!! (file name: AdamCole.tex)
includes Bullet Club Tights, Bullet Club Shirt, BAY BAY UE Shirt, BAY BAY UE Tights (in 5 parts).

-Undisputed Era: Shock the System… (file name: UndisputedEra.tex)
includes Arm Band, UE Arm Band Logo, UE First Shirt, UE with Strong Shirt.

-Nexus: CM Punks running mates… (file name: Nexus.tex)
includes Arm Band Logo, Shirt Logo.

-Hulk Hogan: The original Red and Yellow (file name: HulkHogan.tex)
includes Hulk Rules Shirt, Hulk Rules Bandana, Python Power Bandana, Entire 1996 Bash at the Beach Attire (Bandana, Shirt, Weight Belt logo, Thigh logo).

-John Cena: And his 5 moves of doom… (file name: JohnCena.tex)
includes Flag Back Pocket Design, Respect Shirt, Never Give Up Shirt, Hat Bill, Hat Front (for trucker style hats), U Cant See Me logo for Hat, Arm Band, Never Give Up Arm Band Design, Blue Wristband Logo, 3 Fingers Wrist Band Logo.

-Jeff Hardy: The Enigma, Brother Nero, comes to FirePro (file name: JeffHardy.tex)
includes Zipper for chest, Willow Style Tshirt, Hardy Boys Reborn Tshirt, Immune to Fear Tshirt, 3 full sleeve designs (Fruit Stripe, Rings, Electric), an upper sleeve that is solid but longer than the elbow pad, 3 Jeff Style sleeves cut up, but can be layered for desired look, Tattoos (Chest, Body, Upper Arm, Forearm, Hand).

-Greg Valentine: The Hammer (file name: GregValentine.tex)
includes I Broke Wahoo’s Leg Shirt, 3 body parts (Greg in cursive for tights, Greg with Hammer for Tights, Hammer Lettering for Back of tights.

Hope you guys get a kick out of these. More to come…….



New Update: The Macho Man……(file name: RandySavage.tex)
Includes: Multiple Shirt tops, bandanas, upper arm tassles, knuckle tape, stars for the tights, purple and gold tights, Macho King crown, Mega Powers Logo, Macho Man Tight stars and lettering, Madness Thigh Pieces, cut out pieces on thigh and waist to reveal layers beneath, glasses and glasses designs.


super excited for the macho man stuff!


Holy shit these all look great


Thanks guys…gotta figure out this new site and why a few of the pics aren’t showing up…macho man pack was a freakin’ beast with almost 40 parts.



Can you make a star for boots like you have for savage but just an outline?


That star is actually not my part, might’ve been SDSS’s or Oni, so I don’t have the original to make the outline from…depending on the need, you could always do the multiple layer technique like I did on later WCW Macho’s pants above, where you put 4 or five star layers on…make the first ones all the color of the outline you want, and then make the last one the color of the boots…I can look to make a new star that has an outline, but it will be a while with everything ahead of it on my list of requests.



Its all good you actually already made what i was looking for in your bret Hart pack. I just had missed it originally when I was looking


It is easier on the new site to just make a new post instead of making the first post so long since we cant really hide the pictures…

Tonight’s update: Super Dragon…I hear he is like Tony Danza………Includes 4 layers on the chest (Outline, Inside, Dragon, Swoop Under the Arm), 3 layers for the thigh (Outline, Inside and Belly of Dragon) and also a taped fingers that is just the pointer and middle taped…also could be useful for Flair, Xavier Woods, Triple H…located on my Google Drive, file name :SuperDragonPWG.tex



This is one bad ass mother fucker right here! Thanks a bunch, can’t wait to get this into my game.


Looks awesome JP, love seeing more indy parts.

Also, you can collapse and expand text on FP2, its just not with the spoiler tag and instead using details tags.

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Title of BoxHidden Text & more!

Keep in mind to get good line breaks in the details drop down, the best method I’ve found is using <br> html code.


Another option if you’re used to BBCode is, if you click on the little gear on the far right above the reply box, there’s a “Hide details” option that gives the BBCode.

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Edit: The BBCode method also seems to add an unnecessary line break between the title and hidden text, so maybe HTML is better.


Yo, dawg…

Since you made some Valentine, how about some Rythem & Blues?


Honky Tonk is for sure on my list. Just gotta find the time.



I know its a LOT of bullshit going on on pretty much all of HTM’s entrance gear, but he is, after all, the Greatest IC Champion of all time. A new Hair piece with Scott Hall’s Spit Curl in the front but on short hair would be rad too.


BTW, how did you make modern Jericho’s upper arm tat? It’s not a custom piece, right?


Yeah, I haven’t made Jerichos modern tat…yet…so that is the lower part of the body suit in red, a couple of the arm straps in grayish green and the referee arm stripes in flesh.



Razor Ramon: Includes Vest, waist, elbow and knee pads.


Dean Ambrose…4 Different Shirt Logos.


Jailbreaker Bullnoi:…This was a request…only includes his hair.