Custom Audience Textures


This thread is meant to allow sharing of custom audience textures used with the ModPack.


ECW Audience Pack (WIP)

Download all files here:

Updated Camera Man (2 Frame Flash Animation, default has 1)

I updated my original which was included in the mod.


A Wide Variety of Peculiar People and Strange Inanimate Objects To Lively Up Your Crowd With
(More conveniently abbreviated as A.W.V.O.P.P.A.S.I.O.T.L.U.Y.C.W.)

Here’s a wide variety of strange things to insert into your crowds, being added to frequently. It’s all WIP, so don’t you dare message me saying you’re upset that the man who does The Wave loses his fingertips for a split second every time he reaches up, or that the velvet reservation rope was poorly cut. I’d make nice individual pics and descriptions of each item, but I’m a lazy ass so just dig around and see what you find inside my digital satchel of mysteries. Hey, at least I separated 'em by which crowd panel they go to.


I’ve updated my packs with a few more audience members and more varied animations.