CujoMatty's Stuff *WCW 1998 Redone*

I decided to start a new thread with my newer stuff.

WCW 1998 complete: Added Announcer desks and moved the crowd.

What you need to make this work:

The “Steam” folder in my drive here:

Carlzilla Mod Pack current version as of April 9th 2021 with arena edit and extra component disabler add on which you can get from the discord.

A drive assigned to D:/ on your PC (OK you don’t HAVE to have a D:/ drive but it’s way easier if you do. If you don’t have a D:/ drive see end of post.)


  1. In game create rings and make sure they are called the following(exactly):
    -WCW Nitro 98
    -WCW Thunder 98
    -WCW Saturday Night 98
    -WCW Halloween Havoc 98
    -WCW Fall Brawl 98
    -WCW Bash at the Beach 98
    -WCW World War 3 98
    -WCW Souled Out 98
    -WCW Souled Out 97
    -WCW Slamboree 98
    -WCW Starrcade 98
    -WCW Superbrawl 98
    -WCW Road Wild 98
    -WCW Great American Bash 98
    -WCW Uncensored 98
    -WCW Spring Stampede 98

  2. With Carlzilla’s Ring assign mod, assign the arenas provided to the rings you made.

  3. Drag the folders from the “Steam” folder you got off my drive in to the same named folders in your Firepro Wrestling install. You will need another copy of the “Textures” folder for the next step.

  4. Because in the Arena editor I assigned the textures I used to the location on my computer the required texture folder needs to be installed onto your cpu at the same location. Mine is on my D:/ drive. I structured the folder called “Steam” so that it can just be dragged directly on to the D:/ drive.

Thats it. You are done.

If you don’t have a D:/ drive. You have 2 options. 1. is drag the “Textures” folder into the installed location on your own PC then go into the Arena Editor in the test version of the mod pack and manually assign each texture to where they are installed on your cpu or 2 Open each arenas csv file and change the directory of each texture from D;/ to whatever it is on your cpu I assume C:/ so basically you would just need to change the “D” to a “C”.

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