Crowd Chant Collections


A thread for sharing crowd chants for use with the Crowd Chants mod.

Sizzle’s Collection


Wow those are awesome. I might have to start using that mod when it’s ready


I’ve worked them into the interview integrator / MotW Interview segments as well…


Carl’s Crowd Chants mod should be available for 2.0 now.


In testing still…


Welp, nevermind then.


Feel free to use my chants too, I pulled some of them myself from clips, and some I think are from this post! I have some more wrestler specific ones, and a lot of ECW chants tagged to specific wrestlers.

I also have some generic Michel Cole&Taz/JR&King quotes that I use in my Raw/Smackdown ring’s “generic” folder, though I haven’t actually heard these play yet in game. I’m not sure if there’s a fade in for chants that cuts some of the shorter clips off or if I just haven’t come across them yet.