Controller help


Alright guys I need some help, so currently I’ve been using just a genric usb controller to play some games but then i tried it on FPWW and it wont work. Tried it also on v1.0.2 it wont work too.

Tried to use JoyToKey and X360ce however the problem still remains, I can only use the controller ONCE (at the start menu, where any button can be pressed) then after that I cant use any buttons anymore. Can somebody with knowledge about these things help me? Thank You :slight_smile:


Have you set the config in Steam as a generic controller? The another thing to try is restarting your computer with the USB controller plugged in, I’ve had issues before and that usually solves them.


I see, restarting seems to help, tho for some reason my controller only works when FPWW is the first app I’ll open after I booted the PC