[CH] Name Plates for Entrances



Ok so these are nothing special but I thought I would share them since I had made them, it’s a small collection of Name Plates, some of them have the left/right variations and some do not and are just logos. They have the correct sizing and would be ready to insert and use unless you wanted to make changes to them.

It’s older WWF and old NWA and WCW name plates, basic stuff but someone may like them :slight_smile:

Feel free to make any alterations and re-release them if you want.

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These are great, and I needed several of them. Thanks man!

Thanks Howdy, these should be useful for my older promotions.

Awesome I’m glad they could be put to use, some were based on real graphic intros and others I just improvised a style. Of course I was doing all of this right before the new entrance DLC announcement lol

Dude, tell me about it. I’ve worked so hard on so many cos files recently…
Hopefully the feature is cool. :crossed_fingers: