[BOZO様] WazaMake ~Quick Tips~ 9/30


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Main Menu Navigation

Move Palette Menus & Navigation

Right Click Menu for Frames

_More to come soon, these are just what I already had prepped, enjoy :slight_smile: _


Immensely appreciated, BozoSama! :v:


Since we’re gonna be stuck without updated moves I appreciate this immensely.


This one might be a little hard to read, but I had this one half done laying around so I finished it up real quick for those of you learning Waza :+1:

Frame Menu Value Explanations


So how do you deactivate a frame?


You can’t :frowning: . Unfortunately a lot of features are buggy and get implode the code. The best thing to do when you need to cut back on frames is to copy/paste everything to a new shorter move (like elbow bunt, low kick, etc).


Whoa…C-Levels… that’s a pain in the butt and I might not have the patience for it. I made a move but he keeps sliding backwards and I don’t understand what I’m supposed to be changing to fix that.


Is Wazamake available for 2.0?


No you need 1.whatever to make the moves they can be imported into 2 though


Thanks bro.


Reading this helps a bit. I probably need to fuck with shadows on the move I’m messing with.