[BOZO] Custom Moves & Bytes


I became a part of the Move Team after the initial move pack and updates were already released, so I never had anything officially published or really even shared haha. Very excited to have an outlet to show some of my WIP moves & ideas, get some feedback and maybe even fill the odd request or two.

I also plan on releasing some bytes packaged together as unofficial move packs/compilations over the next few weeks time permitting. Some of these include a Boxing Pack based on Senator’s Thread over on C!C, a “Hoss” pack including power & bully moves, among others ideas :slight_smile:


Been working on a tag-team for my Victory Alliance original fed with @TheAceThatRunsThePlace named AXR, consisting of two jr heavyweights rivals turned tag partners. We cooked up a few different ideas for them both solo & tag move wise, so here’s a few previews:


Just a small edit/splice of a pop up titlawhirl slam.
note: the small skip is just from the looping of the uploaded video

Hangman’s Bomb

Another small edit with some custom forms too add a bit more pop and impact to the BT Bomb.

Knee & Lariat Combo

Obviously any edit related to Ace has to have some knees, just be thankful they aren’t pumps too. Actually particularly proud of this one, I love how the sell came out.

Bytes still need a bit of polish, but if there’s interest I’ll probably be releasing a small pack of moves alongside my Jr Heavyweight Division for Victory Alliance.


I love these guys (and the moves). Can’t wait until AxR is done :slight_smile:


These moves are beautiful. Can’t wait to see everything you have coming!


I would be interested in seeing some of those boxing moves. I remember having issues with some of the counter moves, where the defender needed to start attacking first but actually took the final hit & damage.


Knee -> Lariat looks fantastic.


Before everything started happening with the DLC delays/etc I had started to work a bit on/with Senator Phillip’s Boxing Thread’s ideas to make some if not all of the moves & more suggested in the thread. There’s some interesting things like “dodges/sways” from grapple I’m messing with to add some variety, but here’s a few standing strikes :+1:

Body Jab (Standing L Strike)

Diaz Style Body Hook

Lead Hook

This one was surprisingly hard to make look like a hook and this is probably the angle that least shows it, but it’s just meant as a quick preview anyway

Like my last post, some of these may need a bit of polish, but these were primarily how I learned to use custom forms in Waza. I based the timing/amount of frames on the default punches to try to “hold” the style, but I may need to slow down some of the frames a bit. These are still in testing, there may be some values I need to adjust, but here’s a link to a drive w/ (all 9) needed bytes.


Looking forward to seeing your boxing moves. Should be interesting to see how you made use of the custom forms; I may group up my old moves and release them in a thread as well.


Senator would be happy…


Switching gears back to Pro Wrestling I’m back with a few custom moves for my Victory Alliance Junior Heavyweight Division. Two moves for “YUNG-FLEX” RJ TAYLOR and an unassigned tag-team finisher.

Top Rope Standing Rana

This is basically just the prelude to me eventually trying to do a springboard for a setup, but I still like how this came out.

Tornado Slingblade

Pretty simple splice, but I really like the flow of this one and it specifically fits the edit’s style so well. This was designed to be used in conjunction with movelists mod as a “super” variant of the regular Slingblade.

Certain Death

May be a bit hard to tell from the moveset preview, but this bad boy is a Tiger Suplex/450 Sandwich Combo. Still may throw this on AXR, or at least a variant.

Bytes still need a bit of polish, but again if there’s interest I’ll be releasing a small pack of moves alongside my Jr Heavyweight Division for Victory Alliance.


Those moves are all really nice.
Though I’m especially partial towards the Knee & Lariat Combo. That one flows so well.


Love that you’re doing a double team move. There’s a real lack of tag team moves in Firepro, despite the gains over the last couple versions of the game. Hoping one day to learn to make moves with a focus on the Midnight Express’ double teams, and maybe 1-2 other teams from that era.


Got a few custom moves for my Victory Alliance Junior Heavyweight Division. Two moves for CUTLASS my division veteran who’s slowing down to a more bruiser brawler style in his twilight resurgence.

Power Forearm

Simple splice of a more powerful bumping elbow.

Claymore’s Cleave

Simple splice again of the Canadian Facebuster with a bit more spike and impact.




Knocked out Marko Stunt’s crazy counter Spike Rana deal since he just got injured and it’s a damn shame.


Maybe this one is 98% finished as well, pretty happy with it overall. After takeover last night, figured this would be a good one to throw in the next pack.



“It’s funny you should say that, 'cause I was looking through some old photos and… it looks very uhh… similar


Real life has been a real mother fucker lately, but here’s some new moves I’ve been working on for my KINGDOM HALL Joshi fed.

This batch is for someone yal might be familiar with, the “Empress of Ice” Misaki Ito since I wanted to give her some more flair. Her main finish is the Flash Freeze, which is a Michinoku Driver, and I wanted her to be able to hit it from a multitude of angles with a multitude of variations.

First up is what I’ve dubbed the Electric Flash Freeze due to it’s Electric Chair setup, this one’s a bit like Kenny’s OWA, but with a bit more oomf and impact.

Keeping with the Michinoku variations I went for another front grapple version I’m calling the Canadian Flash Freeze since the setup is from the Canadian Facebuster moves.

Changing things up a bit the Ice Queen needed a secondary submission finisher, so I cooked up The Frozen Maiden, a deadly submission lock based on the cross arm camel clutch.

I could post bytes if people are interested in these, was thinking about throwing all of Misaki’s moves into one rar on my google drive, if only for archiving purposes.


neeed these


Working on an upcoming Profile Pack of AJ Styles and thought I could drop some previews off in the thread to build a little excitement (hopefully? lol) as the release approaches.

To start off here’s a preview of the nearly finished running to down Phenomenal Kneedrop, with his pump & hesitation.

Following up with something a bit more flashy, AJ’s corner grapple Turnbuckle Snap Suplex.
Note: the irish whip isn’t a part of the bytes

Thanks to @TheAceThatRunsThePlace for the awesome previews :kissing:


Top Rope OsCutter

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