[BOZO様] Basic .bytes Import Guide

Prefacing this whole thing by reminding you the title of this thread says basic for a reason. This guide will cover what’s required to get .bytes loaded into the game and a few general tips.


  1. ModPack (New Move Importer)
    [Mod 2.0] Mod Pack

  2. The .bytes file(s) you want to import


  1. Start by moving/copying your .bytes file(s) to \Fire Prowrestling World\NewMoves
    note: Everyone’s folder structure is different, feel free to organize these how you see fit unless otherwise stated.
  2. Boot up FPWW and locate your New Move Import window
  3. Click Load Move in the top left corner
  4. Fill out the Move Name field
    note: You can add moves to the game without this filled out, but it will eventually confuse you. I also
    suggest ‘tagging’ moves with a character like # or @ in the beginning of the move name if you are testing bytes.

  5. Click the Other Data tab and set the Animation Bank Type, Filter Type, & Skill Strength
    note: I believe the only field here that has real repercussions is Animation Bank Type. This becomes intuitive over time, but if you are unsure check the Move Data Spreadsheet for a similar move. Setting the Filter Type makes it easier to find in game.
  6. Click the Sorting Order tab and change Sorting Order from 0 to 1 for each position individually you want this move to be applicable in.
    note: If you have a Medium Front Grapple Suplex, like our example, you need to select Grapple_A, Grapple_A_U, Grapple_A_LR, Grapple_A_D, Grapple_B, Grapple_B_U, etc. for it to be selectable in all medium/heavy grapple slots.

For moves with multiple angles (Standing Strikes, Post Dives, etc.) you will need to click Add Angle neard the right side of the window. By default the alternate angle 1 is selected, so choose your alternate angle 1 .bytes file. For moves with two alternate angles, use the ticker to change the Angle value to 2 and click add angle again this time selecting the alternate angle 2 .bytes.

At this point you’ve reached what I consider the “minimum required testing level” of import. To view and test animations these settings are enough. However there are many other fields to fill out that important to smooth gameplay using this custom move, including but not limited to, Opponent Damage, Move Flags, Attack/Defense Parameters, etc. Most of these are self explanatory or will be covered in a later guide.

  1. Click the Add to Game button, wait a moment, and click the Re-sort Moves button.
    note: You can check to see which moves you have successfully installed by pressing the Installed Moves button in the top right of the window

    Congratulations, unless you crashed, your new move should be in game & functioning!

This is awesome, thank you! You had me freaked out with the guide for using Wakimaze (or however it is spelled).

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Thanks so much for taking the time to write this up.

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Thanks for this. I’m wondering though, about the the moves where it’s like ShoulderBearHug & ShoulderBearHug1. How do I handle that? I don’t use any of the alternate camera angles, so do I even have to mess with that?

And, I deleted all the original mod moves from Pre-Spike Hates Us. Anyone have those laying around?

@BozoSama or anyone else good with this stuff… I’m trying to import some of the double team moves from Competition 2 (yeah, I’m a couple weeks behind). I can import them and see them in game, but they never have the names I give them. For example, I installed Fallout and named it that but it shows in game as ++Standing Spear, even though when I sort, it appears where the "F"s should be. Seems like I had this problem before but I don’t think ever solved it. Any ideas what would cause that or how I can fix it, other than just renaming the move via mods? Thanks in advance.

I had this happen once and just removed and added the move back in and it was fixed.

Is there a way to make a 2nd copy of a move, but with different stats?

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Thanks Justin. It didn’t work for me initially, but it changed the move from ++standing spear to ++paralyzer. So I added it like a half dozen times and it kept changing it to old moves I hadn’t kept. Finally got it to the proper name. Very weird, but at least it finally worked!