Boxing Robe custom parts


Hey does anyone know if its possible to make a boxing robe?Ideally with a hood either in base game or with custom parts.Not used custom parts before so any advice where to grab them from will be much appreciated.Cheers


You could try making every separate piece (head, chest, waist, upper arm, forearm, thighs, calf) if you really want a boxing robe, but the dogi (base game collection of parts) usually works well enough.
Maybe you can try making the bottom half of it to fit the dogi’s design?


I will give it a go.Most of my entrance attires are pretty basic as i suck at it, but saw a wrestler in a robe like that last night and thought it would look good on one of my edits.Thanks man.


In my attempts to make a short boxing-style robe, I actually ended up using the dogi chest and upper waist parts leading into one of the skirt waist parts, which kinda gave the effect of a tied-off short robe. Perhaps worth a shot.


Cheers no luck last time i tried will give it another go soon.