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Ha, “Salute Your Shorts” and “Are You Afraid of The Dark” in a wrestling gym! :stuck_out_tongue:
I love it.





Based on those dojo reskins, I’m encouraged to try an 80’s television studio texture. Would you mind sharing a texture with some labels to show how different tiles are positioned?

Maybe label different tiles alphabetically?


I could probably whip something up like that. I’ve meant to make some sort of labelled and color-coded template to work on top of, but never got around to it. At the very least I can hammer out a skin that numbers the tv screens and clearly shows how they’re oriented, and maybe how the floor panels are rotated and how they come together. I got a day off tomorrow so I’ll give it a whirl then. Usually if I’m having trouble finding where something is, or figuring out how things slot together, I just start typing random sentences in a large font all over the image, never repeating a word, export and load it into the game, and usually you can see pretty plainly where things are. I remember once in frustration writing “Where in the flying fuck is that final god damn barricade cover?!?!” all across the SCS skin and, well, I found it with this method. :stuck_out_tongue:


Gentlemen, it’s been a bit since I updated this thread. I have a few new venues going on, and have updated the old Google Drive accordingly.

Firstly, my first texture for the Spike Dome, which I’ve called Shangri-La. It has a bamboo entrance ramp, wooden stage, a sort of mossy floor, hot coal pits in the aisles, palm fronds all around the ring, and an anaconda on the stage.

And here’s a new dojo texture I’m very pleased with, which I made for my La Guerra de Sangre e-fed. Stone walls, triangular tile floors, chess-themed mats, lockers, and glass display cases with lucha masks. I’ve also changed all the tvs since taking this picture; they now all have lucha movies on them.

I’ve also added two very basic skins for Yurakuen, one of a beach and one of a gymnasium with basketball court markings, that I may or may not get around to posting pictures of.


Badass man! Love the attention to detail on the screens!



looking for



Sorry, I only make fictional venues.


Thank you for your attention