amsterDAN's Custom Venues


Previously, selfish me kind of got off on the thought that I was the only person on earth with these in my game so I never shared anything other than pictures, but now that the update to 2.0 has whittled us mod-reliant 1.02ers down to the proud and the few I figured I’d actually contribute something to this community. It is worth noting: I don’t do real life wrestlers or real life arenas, just things in my fictional fantasy universe, so your mileage may vary with these. While I doubt anyone will want to use the arenas with my brands plastered all over them, there are several custom venues here that I think are general enough to be of use to some of you, such as the grass field and parking lot reskins for Yurakuen.

HERE is the link to my FPW Venues folder on Google Drive which will contain each of my venue re-skins, and in a series of posts below you’ll find a photo showcase of my venues.


Re-Skins for the Dojo


Re-Skins for Yurakuen Hall


Re-Skins for SCS Stadium


Re-Skins for Arena de Universo


Those are all spectacular!


Thanks dude, I really appreciate it! I got several other ones in the works that’ll hopefully be finished soon, including beach and indoor basketball court re-skins for Yurakuen, as well as a log cabin, a blood-spattered abattoir, and a dirt-floored luchador training camp with a wall of masks for the Dojo.


Damn, those are nice.


Wow, all of them are amazing.
But especially the Dojo reskins stick out to me as absolutely fantastic.


Those are beautiful! How do we use them? I haven’t messed with any arena mods or reskins yet.


You’ll need to patch in the mod suite’s Ring Mat Database. Collect the set of venue images you want to use, and in your FPW folder go to Ring Mats and place them in the appropriate folder for the venue you’re trying to reskin. Then boot the game and in the Ring Mats Database window, first create an entry for the mat you want to use in the reskinned arena, then go to the Ringside Textures tab, find the right venue and with the dropdown menu select the texture you want to use. The textures follow a specific naming scheme, (i.e. Dungeon, Dungeon_Floor, Dungeon_Parts, etc) so you always want to pick the first image in the set (sticking with my last example, the one simply called Dungeon) and the mod will put everything else in place accordingly.


The floor mats for the Club look awesome. So does everything else.


This is exactly the content I look forward to seeing shared around these parts. Steel sharpens steel and you’ve got some very attractive and unique arenas here Dan :slight_smile::+1:


Looks amazing! Can’t wait to use these!



Great looking venues! I really love the designs you created.


These are amazing. Those Dojo re-skins are especially great; really shows what can be done with the venue.


This is very impressive. How did you find modifying the floor textures of the dojo? I have a hypothesis that we could make a ‘backyard’ arena with some creative use of grass.


Really excited you shared these, Ive always loved your stuff


I find altering the dojo floor to not be super duper hard but definitely deceptively difficult, because at a glance it looks like it’d be easy as pie, just a bunch of square panels to slot together. But if you try to put a patterned tile down on it you immediately see some panels are rotated in unexpected ways and don’t come together too easily, and particularly the panels that just end up being a thin band at the base of the wall always throw me off. The first dojo texture I attempted was The Red Room from Twin Peaks, so a herringbone floor and red velvet curtains for walls, and it was pretty disastrous. I couldn’t get the herringbone to come together and eventually gave up and made the herringbone floor for Yurakuen instead, and tossed the curtains into SCS.

I find the dojo floor works really well for very uniform textures like concrete and dirt, so I reckon grass would do pretty well there since it would hardly matter how the panels come together so long as there aren’t large lighting and color differences across it. I also think darker textures are very forgiving there. Not to toot my own horn but I think the black marble floor in my Penthouse skin looks spectacular, and I will admit here and now that that was entirely due to dumb luck, I just slapped the tiles down across the whole texture without rotating anything and it looked great so I didn’t fiddle with it any further.

I think a backyard in the dojo is definitely do-able. I’ve experimented with tossing things like chain link fences and windows on the dojo walls and have found with a bit of fooling around you can cheat it well enough that they look pretty good, and like you can see through to things on the other side that look decently in perspective.


Added this skin for the dojo to the old Google Drive, it’s the very first one I made so it’s not quite as snazzy and sophisticated as some of the others, but in my opinion still cooler than the orange abomination in vanilla. I went super 90s on the TV screens, with Hogan’s heel turn, Are You Afraid Of The Dark, Salute Your Shorts, some 90s-ass newscast, the OJ Simpson chase, and Baywatch all playing.