Advice on SaveData


I just noticed something, and I guess I should have realized this before. Now that I have two different versions of Fire Pro World, my offline 1.0.2 version is still saving in the /LocalLow location where my 2.0 should be saving. There hasn’t been a conflict, because I haven’t done anything in my 2.0 version. But I’m wondering, where should I put my 1.0.2 savedata file?


Go into your PWGR Patcher and find the ModSuite Save Data option included in Carlzilla.dll. This will make that copy of the game load the savedata and mod suite info from the .\ModSuiteData\ folder instead of \LocalLow\spikechunsoft\FireProWrestlingWorld\


Thanks. Carl. I’m assuming I need to copy the save file from \locallow to the modsuitedata folder first?


I did something wrong, because just by adding patching that in i get the black screen with Japanese letters at the bottom.


Try unzipping this into your ModSuiteData folder:

This will overwrite your mod settings with my mod settings, but they can be changed if they differ greatly. This also includes my savedata.dat file…this particular file doesn’t need to be unzipped if you already have a savedata.dat file in ModSuiteData, it’s just included for the sake of people who may not.


Thanks. I tried this too and it still didn’t work lol. I have no idea why, it’s like it refuses to read the file from that folder. I guess it’s not that big of a deal? I don’t ever plan on using my 2.0 version. And if I did, I have backups of the savedata file.