Ace's Custom Moves Thread


So now I can FINALLY start properly posting moves again after all these years…

I pretty much stopped altogether after the final move pack due to burnout and not really being able to show them off, but I’m slowly starting up again so I’m going to keep this thread updated with any new moves I make and in the future maybe I’ll post the bytes/move files, who knows.

Basically, I’m out of retirement now, so back to move making.


Here’s one I whipped up pretty quickly the other day and put a few minor finishing touches on a few minutes ago.

Arm Wrench Bicycle Knee


Really nice to see a custom moves thread. Big thumbs up.


I’m just happy to be able to post them in threads again :grin:


And we’re already started with knees.


Did you expect anything else?


Nope, you are the master of the knee.


You’re goddamn right.


Kamigoye V Trigger.

Probably needs a few tweaks but it’s coming along nicely so far.


We expect no less than an official Knee only mini move pack :+1:


:thinking: Not a bad idea :thinking:


Looking awesome.I have one edit whose moveset is rather knee heavy so look forward to using these someday


Thanks to suneed I was able to use the Golden Trigger forms from 2.0 to make that last move even better.


Quick update. Same move, but from a standing position/setup so they won’t no sell it.


Another one that probably needs some tweaks.

Pele Kick into Forearm


That’s coming along nicely. Seen the Pele kick to the arm a lot in recent NJPW shows on AXS.


Wow this thread has been dead for a while :joy: Haven’t properly made anything in a loooooong time.

Hopefully I’m finally starting to get back into waza, so here’s my comeback move, I suppose lol

Tilt-A-Whirl GTS