A modern guide to Signatures and Finishers (Signatures mostly)


• I believe that this particular section of Fire Pro’s logic building could do with some better detailing of how finishers, and moreso signatures work.

• First thing’s first, technically speaking, assigning the signature (S) attribute to a move confers +1 to whatever offensive parameter attributes the move possesses, both main and sub, while the Finisher (F) attribute confers +2 to said offensive parameters, and in most cases, allows for a spontaneous KO chance with the move if the finisher type is set to “Finisher”. Both signatures and finishers also contribute to your match score depending on how often they were used, which I will go into a bit more detail with below.

• Now how should these signatures and finishers be used? Well to be fair, you can use them any way you want, but there are prevailing ideas that all edits must have all their signatures be match-enders, when that might not be the case for some edits.

• Section 5.2 of this guide, (as shown below) wrote by Denizen and Carlzilla, gives a good explanation of a recommended spread depending on the edit you’re using, but I’d figure I’d go more in-depth on this specific matter.

• As I have pointed out, signatures and finishers both contribute to overall match score in Fire Pro World, regardless of which venue you select. I personally feel that some of those signatures should be slapped on any move that an edit does frequently, whether that be a huge suplex, or something as basic as a headlock. You can save room for a signature or two to be used as match enders, but with the system as currently is and edits being able to have quite a lot of finish windows, sometimes it’s better to use some of those sigs that’d build up to the wide array of match enders you want. Parameter use does play a fair part in this, so you can give your finish windows stronger attributes, while saving what little signature slots there are for where you need them most. Now if your edit is built around spamming a shitton of finishers frequently (generally frowned upon, but you do you) and ASAP, then I’d just recommend slapping S’s on the four finishes they use most frequently.

• Another way of looking at it is using signatures as pace tools. Say your edit is someone who needs to get out small damage as soon as possible. So assign a sig to an early move that they’re likely to spam, you get the +1 bonus, the extra score since they’re using it frequently, and your edit has an easier go of setting the match tempo, assuming their offense is not extremely low on that particular move in the first place.

• Furthermore, when a signature or finisher is used, the edit who used it gets a slight increase to their current spirit meter, so it pays to have a move they do frequently and often. More details on that below.

• Also, don’t sleep on taunts as signatures if you’re running a taunt-heavy build, especially with priority chains being much improved over the past number of months to include taunts. Signatures (or finishers if you wanna go that route) net you a bit more of a spirit increase when set to a taunt. For that matter, they seem to net spirit increases when they are used in general. Doing so on a taunting build can lead to an edit staying in the game for quite a while, to say nothing of an ukemi-filled, “F” assigned taunt spammer.

• I will now demonstrate a few S/F builds using fighting styles (as I don’t shut up about that enough already) as a baseline.

• Orthodox: Ok this can be generally anything but you can’t go wrong with Kobashi-style.

Finisher: Burning Hammer

Signatures: Orange Crush, Head Pickup Lariat, Machinegun Kesagiri Chops, Knife-Edge Chop

• Technician: Classical old-school build with razzle-dazzle.

Finisher: Fireman’s Carry Buster

Signatures: Fireman’s Carry, Stomach Crusher, Jumping Knee Drop (S), Jumping Knee Drop (Top Rope)

• Wrestling: This is what you want, this is what you get. SUPLEXES!

Finisher: Full Nelson Suplex

Signatures: Half Nelson Suplex, Belly To Back, Multi Belly To Back, Back Switch

• Ground: Hurt them fast, and always look for a limb to latch onto. Neck-focused build.

Finisher: Scissors Front Necklock (Pin Down)

Signatures: Scissors Front Necklock (Front Grapple), Pin Down, Flying Mare, Dragon Sleeper (Ground)

• Power: Build based upon Vader mostly.

Finisher: Rapid Powerbomb

Signatures: Rapid Powerbomb Whip, Dynamite Knee Lift, Hammer Blow, Stomping (you can either go neck or back here)

• American: This build focuses heavily on the showman side of things.

Finisher: Vertical DDT

Signatures: DDT, Fierce Headlock, Headlock Punches, Arms Provocation

• Junior: American Indie style build here.

Finisher: Top Rope Reverse Frankensteiner

Signatures: Reverse Frankensteiner, Phoenix Splash, Soccer Ball Kick, Running Face Dropkick

• Luchador: Classical tie-em up lucha build.

Finisher: Octopus Hold

Signatures: Rolling Cradle, Small Package Hold, Cyclone Whip, Sunset Flip (ground strike)

• Heel: Big fat heel build.

Finisher: One Hand Chokeslam

Signatures: Bite, Choke Attack, Cobra Claw, Push Over

• Mysterious: Ninjutsu build with some dubious tactics, to say the least.

Finisher: Blockbuster Neck Breaker

Signatures: Jumping Neck Breaker, Choke Attack, Scissors Sleeper, Throat Chop

• Shooter: Hybrid fighting build with classical wrestling favorings here…

Finisher: Reverse Cross Kneebreaker

Signatures: Muay Thai Low Kick, Back Switch, Takedown (Back Grapple), Reverse Achilles Hold

• Fighter: This build has been inspired by the PS1 game HBO Boxing.

Finisher: Uppercut

Signatures: Jab, Straight, Combination 1, Face Punch Rush

• Grappler: What it says on the tin. Grappling. Build based off jiu-jitsu.

Finisher: Triangle Scissors (Counter f. Guard)

Signatures: Shoutei, Straight Shoutei, Guard Position, Back Roll Neck Lock

• Panther: This particular build is more Dragon-y than Tiger-y but still follows a lot of the same technical/aerial fighting principles. Also Kick, Fly, Submission, Suplex.

Finisher: Dragon Suplex

Signatures: Somersault Drop, Cyclone Whip, Cross Arm Breaker, Front Dropkick (Running)

• Giant: Sheer force giant build.

Finisher: Giant Choke Slam

Signatures: Face Slam, Headbutt, Chop To The Crown, Push Over

• Vicious: Inoki-ist build with an emphasis on face mangling.

Finisher: Rolling Koppo Kick

Signatures: Stepover Facelock, Torture Headlock, Knee Kick Rush, Face Knee Lift