1998 WCW and WWF Arenas, Music, Nameplates, and Trons

Video link to see trons and other views.

Here is a mod pack I have been working on. It’s going to have 2 parts from my favourite time in wrestling, 1998(ish).
Part one and two are now complet. I put them all together as to have a complete list but i did use a couple textures from Trza49ers Road Wild, Saturday Night and his excellent rail texture.
I love the quality of his arena mods but I wanted to modify them to be more accurate to what the WCW actually used. To be honest they are way uglier in my mod as they have the real generic ring surroundings the WCW really used. But I wanted to make sure he gets credit for those textures as they really are terrific…

Note… This does not include any wrestlers or ring designs. I got all of them off the workshop. All the custom parts in the video are from various modders I found and obviously are not included as I did not make any of them.

To install drag everything into your Fire Prowrestling World Folder. You will also need to use Carzillas awesome mod suite. Assign arenas and nameplates with the Arena texture database mod. The trons will work as named if you name all the rings you create exactly as I listed below.

Part One, WCW 1998. (completed)

Arenas with Trons,Title Screens and Nameplates:

Monday Night Nitro ( ring name for trons “WCW Nitro 98’”)
Thursday Night Thunder (ring name for trons “WCW Thunder 98’”)
WCW Saturday Night (ring name for trons “WCW Saturday Night 98’”)
Slamboree (ring name for trons “WCW Slamboree 98’”)
Souled Out (ring name for trons “WCW Souled Out 98’”)
Fall Brawl (ring name for trons “WCW Fall Brawl 98’”)
Starrcade (ring name for trons “WCW Starrcade 98’”)
World War 3 (ring name for trons “WCW World War 3 98’”)
Uncensored (ring name for trons “WCW Uncensored 98’”)
Halloween Havoc (ring name for trons “WCW Halloween Havoc 98’”)
Great American Bash (ring name for trons “WCW Great American Bash 98’”)
Spring Stampede (ring name for trons “WCW Spring Stampede 98’”)
Road Wild (ring name for trons “WCW Road Wild 98’”)
SuperBrawl VIII (ring name for trons “WCW Superbrawl 98’”)
Bash at the Beach (ring name for trons “WCW Bash at the Beach 98’”)


Almost everyone on the 1998 roster


Arn Anderson
Chris Benoit
Brian Pillman
Ric Flair
Mongo McMichael
The 4 Horsemen
Booker T
Stevie Ray
Harlem Heat
Road Warrior Animal
Road Warrior Hawk
Road Warriors
The Barbarian
Faces of Fear
Kevin Sullivan
John Tenta
Dungeon of Doom
Brian Adams (NWO)
Buff Bagwell (NWO)
Dennis Rodman (NWO)
Dusty Rhodes (NWO)
Eric Bischoff (NWO)
Hollywood Hogan (NWO)
Louie Spicolli (NWO)
Randy Savage (NWO)
Scott Norton (NWO)
Scott Steiner (NWO)
Syxx (NWO)
The Giant (NWO)
The Disciple (NWO)
Vincent (NWO)
New World Order (stable)
Curt Hennig (Wolfpac)
Sting (Wolfpac)
Konnan (Wolfpac)
Lex Luger (Wolfpac)
Rick Rude (Wolfpac)
Disco Inferno (Wolfpac)
NWO Wolfpac
Kevin Nash (Wolfpac)
Scott Hall (Wolfpac)
The Outsiders
Diamond Dallas Page
Juventud Guerrera
Ultimo Dragon
Johnny Grunge
Public Enemy
Rick Steiner
The Steiner Brothers
Sick Boy
Billy Kidman
Stevie Richards
Van Hammer
The Flock

TV Logos:


WCW Audience see below

Part 2 WWF Attitude Era 1998: (Completed)

Arenas with Trons,Title Screens and Nameplates:

Smackdown 1998 (ring name for trons “Smackdown 98’”)
Raw is War 1998 (ring name for trons “Raw 98’”)
In Your House: No Way Out of Texas (ring name for trons “No Way Out 98’”)
Wrestlemania XIV (ring name for trons “Wrestlemania XIV 98’”)
In Your House: Breakdown (ring name for trons “Breakdown 98’”)
Capital Carnage (ring name for trons “Capital Carnage 98’”)
In Your House: Fully Loaded (ring name for trons “Fully Loaded 98’”)
Sunday Heat (ring name for trons “Sunday Heat 98’”)
Shotgun Saturday Night (ring name for trons “Shotgun Saturday 98’”)
Royal Rumble (ring name for trons “Royal Rumble 98’”)
Unforgiven (ring name for trons “Unforgiven 98’”)
In Your House: Over the Edge (ring name for trons “Over the Edge 98’”)
King of the Ring (ring name for trons “King of the Ring 98’”)
In Your House: Judgement Day (ring name for trons “Judgement Day 98’”)
SummerSlam (ring name for trons “Summerslam 98’”)
Survivor Series (ring name for trons “Survivor Series 98’”)
In Your House: Rock Bottom (ring name for trons “Rock Bottom 98’”)


Almost everyone on the Roster(completed)

Trons (Completed):

Legion of Doom
Billy Gunn (DX)
Road Dogg (DX)
New Age Outlaws
Shawn Michaels (DX)
X-Pac (DX)
Triple H (DX)
Chyna (DX)
The Undertaker
Edge & Christian
The Brood
The Ministry
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
The Dudley Boyz
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
The Hardy Boyz
The Rock
Stone Cold Steve Austin
Vince McMahon
Stephanie McMahon
Shane McMahon
The Corporation

WWF Attitude TV Logo

WWF Audience see below

DOWNLOAD: All in one: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1ctD_TWlYLFuof9xHStd-y8OFDvAslwZX


Damn, that’s impressive.

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Awesome shit dude

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Got the 2 audiences done WCW and …

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WWF. Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1QzcrHquyjeXac7ckjjQt0OZvc9sHDfFq

No Way Out 98’ is done


Breakdown 98’ is done

Wrestlemania XIV 98’ is done

Capital Carnage 98’ is done

Fully Loaded 98’ is done

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Sunday Night Heat 98’ is done.
Judgement Day 98’ is done.
King of the Ring 98’ is done.

Over the Edge 98’ is done.
Rock Bottom 98’ is done.
Royal Rumble 98’ is done.

Shotgun Saturday 98’ is done.
Summerslam 98’ is done.

Survivor Series 98’ is done.
Unforgiven 98’ is done.

These are outstanding man, I was actually able to cross at least 3 textures off my list because you’ve already done them so well.

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updated and added new trons. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1VrzUncY8WVbOZ9a7U0xwEz9WsP-GQr8w

I love this stuff, thanks. Would you be able to update with the correct guard rails for the Great American Bash 98 (the only one i have seen so far)? You have solid guard rails but I have seen the normal grey fences on other rings people have made that the real Great American Bash 98 has.

EDIT: In fact, looking at your rings, you seem to have the same guard rails for every ring. Is there a reason for that?

Not 100% sure I understand what you are asking but I think you are referring to other arenas that have actual guard rails like real life. The arena I made these for has a solid guard rail and unfortunately I dont think you can swap for the genuine guard rails used by the other arenas. At least I dont know how to do that. The one I used was made by someone else and its intent is to mimic the real life guard rails as best as they can.