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[Mod 2.0] Mod Pack ( 2 ) (31)

A collection of mods that is the spiritual successor to the ModSuite. You can always find the most recent and up to date download link in my Discord ( or using the download link below. If you n…

More Match Types (For Build 2.0) ( 2 3 ) (41)

This mod presents users with a number of new match types for use in Fire Pro Wrestling World; most types allow you to either sim or play the match as you wish. Match Types Available Iron Man (4 v 4, B) First Blood (4 …

Extra Game Options (EGO) Collection 2.0 ( 2 3 ) (40)

This includes the collection of mods for Fire Pro Wrestling World (2.0+). Current Features Wrestler Search Tool Search for wrestlers by name or promotion, and open them in Edit Mode immediately. Allows players to mo…

Fire Promotion Wars (11)

This is a booking and record keeping tool that allows players to build promotions, hire wrestlers, track their match history, and manage morale to either elevate wrestlers within the company or risk having wrestlers “qui…

About the Modding & Move Packs category (1)
Basic mod use 101 (4)

-=- A NOTE BEFORE WE START -=- While these instructions SHOULD work for mods from other authors, I can’t guarantee that. If the mod is not by myself, always check to see if the author has provided installation instructi…

[BOZO] Profile Pack: AJ Styles ~ Release (7)
Custom name Plates show Fire Pro Wrestling Logo on top (2)
[BOZO] Profile Pack: Kenta Kobashi ~ Release (1)
Mass uninstall? (5)
Does anyone have arena textures they can share? (2)
Custom Sound Packs (8)
[FP²] Contributor Move Pack #1 ~ Release (14)
[2.0] Ace's Mods (Entrance Stage Taunts Added!) - Updated 14/11 10PM AEST (12)
Sparks's Mat Sound Replacements (2.0) (1)
[MOD] DLCMove Export/Import ( 2 3 ) (58)
[Tool] Fire Pro Wrestling World Save Tool (5)
[MOD] Move Importer for 1.02 (1)
[MOD] Move Data Editor - For 1.02 OR 2.0 (4)
[TOOL] Edit Part Viewer (1)